Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas is Business Insider's West Coast editor, and don't you forget it.

Owen Thomas is Business Insider's West Coast editor, and don't you forget it. His career has ranged from Suck.com to the Red Herring, from Time to Valleywag, but he's consistently been interested in the transformative effects of innovation on business and culture.

He focuses on major players in Silicon Valley, both companies and people.

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Meet The Man Now In Charge Of Siri: Bill Stasior

Bill Stasior could change the balance of power against Google.

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Amazon And Apple Don't Need The Government's Help Destroying Google

Just like Microsoft, the antitrust cops are late on the draw.

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Google's First Shuttle Bus Made Just Two Stops

Modest beginnings.

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CHART OF THE DAY: There's Massive Interest In The iPhone 5

Nearly twice as much interest as the iPhone 4S saw.

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One Kings Lane Will Start Running TV Ads Sunday Night

Targeted at tablet users?

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PEAK SEARCH: Why The Google Era May Be Over

Who wins, who loses.

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Carol Bartz's Advice For Marissa Mayer

"I really wish her well," Bartz says.

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Google Is Erasing One Of Marissa Mayer's Last Big Moves

The Zagat score system is fading away.

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Google's Eric Schmidt: Microsoft Is 'Well-Run' But Irrelevant

He doesn't worry about the company anymore.

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SoftBank's Sprint Deal Is A Huge, Global Bet On The iPhone

If it goes through, Apple benefits.

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Google Chairman: We'll Have A Billion Android Devices In A Year

Four times as many as Apple.

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Huawei, The Chinese Equipment Maker Accused Of Spying, Has Long Relied On IBM

This week, a congressional report warned the U...

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CHART OF THE DAY: Instagram's Runaway Growth

Instagram users now account for a fifth of Facebook's mobile user base.

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Five Months Later, GM Still Isn't Buying Facebook Ads

Sales reps are meeting with the automaker every week.

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Here's A Glimpse Of Yahoo's Mobile-Focused Future

A travel app for time-starved tourists gives a roadmap.

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Marissa Mayer Doesn't Need A New CTO

She's Yahoo's top technologist, and that's how it should be.

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Netflix's CEO Reed Hastings Is Staying On Facebook's Board

Still advising Mark Zuckerberg—just not Bill Gates.

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