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Plant Tracking


Plant Tracking gives you the ability to view all your plant at all times via a computer. Tracking enables the manager to see all deliveries and collections made at the touch of a button. It also assists with billing and invoicing so checking these areas is simple, quick and easy to do.

Each vehicle is fitted with a tracking device, these units are installed by the supplier for you and comprehensive training should come as standard.

Most plant tracking systems will allow the ability to view historical data and alerts can be set up if equipment is being used incorrectly or out of office hours where equipment can also be remotely immobilised.

Most Plant Tracking systems are web based and therefore can be accessed by any PC which has a broadband connection so that could be in the office, from a customer’s office or simply from home.

Which system is right for me?

There are so many benefits to having a plant tracking system installed ranging from improvement of management, a better quality of customer service and reduced costs so choosing a system becomes easy. Always look around at what is available and think beforehand of what it is you really need from a tracking system and the areas in which you need to improve or change within the business. This way you will be prepared to ask companies what exactly they can offer you and most companies can often tailor their product to suit your needs.

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User Comments:

  1. From: davetrib12

    My company has just had all our high value plant equimpment fitted with GPS tracking devices, we decided on this course as a result of increased incidents of theft at our depot. Its been worth the expense just to reduce the loss.

  2. From: Sally Perks

    We have just had two JCBs stolen. The police said that they are unlikely to recover them, but if we had installed a tracking system it would have been a different story.

  3. From: Tom Steel

    Before we had plant tracking we had about 8 diggers a year stolen and in the end I just factored it in as one my costs. Now all if one does get stolen, it is just an inconvenience as it will soon be back on in a few days time.

  4. From: Ben Mandell

    We now have plant tracking and it has saved us so much money. We still have plant equipment stolen now and again, but now we get it back.

  5. From: Heather Wells

    We are a plant hire company and we had plant tracking systems fitted to a selection of our equipment 7 months ago. We did an audit on how much extra we were able to bill customers due to the tracking system and the results were very positive. We calculated that we increased our profits by 8.2% as a result of the plant tracking. We will now be rolling out the plant tracking to the rest of our equipment over the next month or so.

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