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Christopher Walken for president!

What a disappointment. For a brief but inspiring moment, we thought Blogma's favorite actor might really be throwing his hat in the ring, following in the footsteps of so many other Hollywood politicians.

Christopher Walken

Unfortunately, it seems that Christopher Walken's supposedly official campaign site,, is a marketing outgrowth of his role as a senator with presidential ambitions in "Wedding Crashers." "According to one source, the entire campaign, including registration of multiple Web domain names, is an elaborate hoax being perpetrated by members of the General Mayhem forums, one of the largest message boards on the Internet," WorldNetDaily says.

Yet bloggers and others refuse to give up hope. As the brilliant astutely observes, "This country needs more cowbell."

Blog community response:

"He makes such odd and brilliant choices as an actor, maybe he could do the same in the White House. At the very least, we wouldn't be any worse off, right? Wikipedia says this is a hoax. I'm gonna keep on believin' though."
--Sailor Boy, under the headline "Dear God, Please Let This Be True"

"I'm not sure if that devoid-of-policy tripe is actually Walken's, but it is no less silly than that of most candidates."
--Outside The Beltway

"Given the current crop of candidates from the shallow pool of intellect, I'd be willing to cast my vote for a man who I KNOW is talented with at least one thing and possibly much much more. After all, it's innovative thinking like THIS that just may be the trick in saving social security!"
--Provocative Planet

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