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N.R.O. [National Reconnaissance Office]

N.R.O. [National Reconnaissance Office]
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    N.R.O. [National Reconnaissance Office] - Vigilance From Above.
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    • Un nuovo giorno arriva....."keyhole System"... A NEW DAY OF RESISTANCE....GAME OVER
      August 8 at 8:24am
    • Oh how I miss the missions and the people.
      July 31 at 6:39pm
    •  Theories about why upgraded RS-68A's were needed for N.R.O. [National Reconnaissance Office]'s NROL-15 Delta IV Heavy launch. The most probable is the launch of a third Misty "stealth" spy satellite into a secret orbit.
      June 27 at 7:29pm
    • Rod Doty
      Textbook launch.. well done! Congrats to the ULA and NRO teams!
      June 20 at 5:37am

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