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Clinton Presidential Center - Little Rock, AR

Clinton Presidential Center
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    • my dream clinton family know who I really love.
      October 13 at 3:37pm
    •  The differences is an embarrassments!!. In order to see some solutions about Liberty, Freedom, Economic Independence, etc: Everything had to be done just by one person, me, without any recourses by interacting …. If tray to pursues under that condition… It mean start new Courts, Ethics procedures hiding all what’s ready investigated and concluded as today known…Because authorities, organizations, institutions, communities or lawyers can't shown their care taken over that matter in behalf of vulnerable person-family… Elected Constituents doesn't want loses ,Votes or Economic support from peoples that operated against the solutions of this “Down The Road, NY Story” situations; managing our live arbitrarily, wasting and spending about all our legally authorized lawsuits benefits and resources; forever… Finally: Thanks and grateful for all your but none “Like”, “Comments“, “Share”, or Helps assistances that hadn't ever see from anybody over twelve years broadcasting that issues, navigating along side into this hug difficulty… (There are similar meaning as “The White House Hunter“, “Joe The Plumber“, “Fast and Furious“, “Individual Mandate“, “The Bird“, and so on…)
      October 6 at 8:55pm
  2. As a special addition to the “Dorothy Howell Rodham & Virginia Clinton Kelley” exhibition, the original document that allowed women the right to vote will be on display for a limited time only October 19-24. Dorothy Rodham’s birthday, June 4, 1919, was the same day that Congress, by joint resolution, approved the 19th Amendment and sent it to the states for ratification. This original document is on loan from the National Archives in Washington, D.C.
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  4. Little Rock named one of the top 10 unexpectedly romantic cities. "Little Rock, Arkansas: For small-city fun with presidential flair. The William J. Clinton Library and Museum should top your to-do list..."
  5. This video, featuring Virginia Clinton Kelley's friends, is part of the “Dorothy Howell Rodham & Virginia Clinton Kelley” exhibition at the Clinton Presidential Center. The exhibition closes November 25, 2012.
  6. Happy Birthday to the Clinton Presidential Park Bridge.
  7. Today, we honor the Little Rock Nine's courage and fierce determination to obtain the best available education 55 years ago. Their story captivated the world and focused attention on the civil rights movement. The Clinton Center is honored ...
    to display one of the Little Rock Nine's Congressional Gold Medals. The exhibit is a multimedia display honoring the Little Rock Nine as well as the importance of embracing diversity and recognizing a shared destiny, a common humanity.
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