How to use Hotel Finder

  1. What is Google Hotel Finder?

    Google Hotel Finder is a new experimental product that makes it easier to compare and book hotels that are found across the web. Try it out at new window.

    Here's what you can do with Hotel Finder:

    • Find hotels according to what's important to you, such as price, location, and user ratings
    • Review accurate and detailed information about those hotels
    • View location information to help you decide where to stay
    • Keep track of your top choices in a shortlist
    • Connect with hotels and vendors to reserve a room or ask for more information

    If you believe a hotel is missing, please let us know by using the Send feedback link located in the upper right corner of the Hotel Finder site. Although we cannot individually add hotels at this time, this will help us find ways to improve.

    Currently, Hotel Finder is only available in English with hotel prices in US dollars.

  2. How to use it

    1. Search

    To get started, search for a city, landmark, address, or hotel name in the box at the top of the page at new window. As you type, suggestions will appear beneath the text box; click any suggestions to begin your search for it.

    Clicking an item in the list of suggestions that appear beneath the search box can clarify your search, as the suggestions often include additional information about the location and help ensure we are talking about the same place.

    2. Review and customize

    After entering a location, you'll see a large map and a list of hotels that that match your search specifications. You can narrow down your search and hone in on the specific features that you're looking for. Here are a few ways to do this:

    • Specify an area on the map: Click the dropdown in the top-right corner of the map to filter your hotels to the most popular areas of town, hotels within a specific area, or hotels within a certain distance of a landmark or location. Learn more about how to use the map.
    • Filter by preferences: Use the filters below the search box to limit your hotel search by various preferences such as price, hotel class, and user rating. Learn more about how to use filters.
    • Sort the results: Click the Sort button and select the factor which you’d like to sort the results by.

    3. Shortlist and choose

    Once you see a hotel that you're interested in, click it to see more details. Track your favorite hotels to review and compare them by clicking Add to shortlist. Learn more about how to track your top choices in the shortlist.

    When you’ve found the hotel for you, click the Book button and select the website through which you'd like to make your reservation. Learn more about how to book.

    Keyboard shortcuts

    Ever get sick of using your cursor? Now you can move from one result to the next with just your keyboard. Here are some helpful keyboard shortcuts for the hotel results:

    • j will select the next hotel, and k will select the previous hotel. The selected hotel will automatically expand.
    • s will add the selected hotel to the shortlist if it is not already there.

  3. Seeing more details about a hotel

    Click on a line item in your results to get more detailed information on the hotel. Then use the various tabs at the top of the panel to view more specific content on the selected hotel.

    • Overview: See a snapshot of the hotel’s most pertinent information, such as its contact information, owner’s description, photos, and select reviews written by other Google users.
    • Photos: View all available photos for the hotel. Click on any photo to enlarge it into the gallery view, where you can scroll through the photos by using the left and right arrows on your keyboard or clicking on the on screen arrows.
    • Reviews: See all reviews for the hotel written by other Google users or links to reviews from around the web.
    • Location: Get a more detailed view of the nearby area with an interactive map of the hotel’s location and 360-degree street-level imagery with Street View (where available).
  4. Using the map

    Only hotels within the highlighted area of the map are displayed in the list of results, and each result is represented by a red dot on the map. Clicking on a dot will display details about that hotel, including links to add the hotel to your shortlist or book it.

    The map also offers unique ways to help you find the perfect hotel. Click on the dropdown menu in the top right corner of the map to view the available options:

    • Hotels in selected area: After searching for a location, the map will update and show a rectangular boundary around the city or a specific location that you searched for. Limit your results to a specific region on the map by dragging the corners of the rectangle to select your desired region.
    • Hotels by travel time: Limit your results to hotels nearby the landmark, address, hotel, or city center that you searched for. You can specify your desired proximity in terms of total walking time or public transit travel time in cities where public transit information is available. After choosing one of these two options, select your preferred maximum travel time.
    • Hotels in popular areas: If you're not sure which is the best area to stay, you can use the map to identify popular regions. The areas that are popular with visitors are highlighted on the map. Click Smaller area or Larger area to adjust the size of the highlighted area.

  5. Using the filters

    Use the filters below the search box to limit your hotel search. Here are the preferences that you can specify:


    Enter the dates of your hotel stay. You can search for dates up to 90 days in the future.

    Price per night & typical price

    Use the drop-down menu to limit the hotels you see to your preferred maximum price per night.

    Class & user rating

    To see only hotels above a certain class, select the minimum number of stars you'd like the hotels to have.

    To see only hotels that have user ratings above a certain average, choose your preferred minimum rating in the dropdown menu.


    Click the amenities drop-down menu to see only hotels which offer specific amenities. You can see a full list of available amenities by clicking More amenities. The ones that you’ve already selected will appear at the top of the list.

  6. Using the shortlist

    While you're looking through hotels, add some to a shortlist to review later by clicking the Add to Shortlist button. Hotels that you’ve shortlisted will appear below the list of your results. To view your shortlist, click on the shortlist bar to only see your saved results.

    If you are logged in to your Google Account new window, your shortlists will automatically be saved by location. If you've created shortlists in the past, you'll be able to access them by either searching for the same location again or visiting the homepage at new window to view all of your past shortlists. Shortlists are automatically named by their location.

    Bookmark the web address (URL) of the Hotel Finder results page to return to your shortlist later. You can also email the URL to share your shortlist with your friends.
  7. Booking

    When you are ready to book a hotel, click the hotel to show details about it, and then click the Book button below the hotel name in the overview card. This will display the available booking options for the hotel, which may include both the hotel owner and resale vendors. You can choose to book the room through any of these channels, including the hotel owner.

Information for hotel owners

  1. How can I include my hotel in Hotel Finder?

    Hotel Finder uses multiple data sources to determine whether or not to display hotels in our product. So while no single measure can guarantee inclusion, there are steps you can take to help improve your presence on Google.

  2. A hotel description is out of date or inaccurate. How do I change it?

    The owner’s description comes from information provided through Google Places. To correct it, log into to your Google Places account for the hotel in question and edit the owner’s verified information.

  3. Pictures that are shown are out of date or inaccurate. Why?

    Hotel Finder includes regularly updated photos from the owner and from VFM Leonardo. To update or add more owner photos to a hotel, navigate to the Places account for the hotel and click Edit next to the particular listing. For VFM Leonardo photos which you believe are inaccurate or unrepresentative photos, please contact VFM Leonardo.

  4. Hotel Finder is displaying inaccurate information for my hotel. How do I fix it?

    Hotel Finder relies on multiple data sources to get a holistic view of hotels, but leverages Google Places information heavily. In most cases, incorrect information can be corrected by editing your Google Places page.

  5. There are duplicate listings for my business. How can I merge them?

    In most cases, duplicate listings can be resolved by reporting a problem on your Google Places page and choosing Place has another listing.