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Communicating with HP Engineering and Developer Relations on IRC

Reflecting HP’s passion about the webOS developer experience, HP engineers and developer relations team members are spending time on IRC as a way to foster the webOS community.

If you are not familiar with IRC, there is a wealth of information on Wikipedia which includes information on how to connect. As you can read, IRC is a federated model with many servers, and the #webos channel is located on the popular irc.freenode.net server (more info on Freenode and connecting).



We need to be clear about how HP will engage in the channel. To set expectations, here the policies around our engagement:

  • HP is a public company. We will not talk about financials or any confidential information.
  • HP engineers on the channel are there of their own free will. We are all busy, so please understand if you do not get timely responses.
  • We believe in a culture of respect. We will respect you, and please respect us.
  • We believe that the community as a whole needs to work together. Don't look to HP employees for all of the answers. That said, community members are doing a fantastic job, and HP staff will do anything we can to help.
  • #webos is not an official communication channel. Anything that is said on the channel does not represent the views of HP.

We are very excited to have more of the HP engineering and developer relations teams joining #webos, and we can't wait to engage with you.