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HP webOS Certified Developer List

Certified Third-party Developers

Sometimes you need to get an app developed, but don't have the time or expertise to do the job yourself. We've compiled a list of developers and consultants who are experts in HP webOS development, and are ready to help you. We've certified each one of them through a process of reviewing their development experience, particularly in the area of mobile apps, reviewing the quality and quantity of webOS apps in the App Catalog, and other factors.

(The difference between Certified and Gold Certified Developers is largely in the number of qualifying apps in the webOS App Catalog and the level of mobile development experience.)

HP can't guarantee your results, of course - your mileage may vary. And you'll want to discuss your specific needs with the consultant to make sure they're the best fit for your task. But working with a company that's intimately familiar with webOS can be a great time saver, and we hope that by certifying these developers, you'll have increased confidence with your choice.

We hope this helps you get the app you're looking for!

(Want to get your company's name on this list? Contact us to find out how to qualify.)

webOS Gold Certified Developers

Our webOS Gold Certified Developers are the cream of the crop in webOS development. Gold Certified Developers have extensive experience in mobile app development, and several apps in the webOS App Catalog. They have completed training at webOS workshops, and have our highest confidence.

Beeweeb Technologies

Website: www.beeweeb.com
Contact: Steve Warner, VP Sales
Email: s.warner@beeweeb.com
Phone: +44 207 183 3571
Region: UK, Italy

Hot Studio

Website: www.hotstudio.com
Contact: Chris Jones
Email: chris.jones@hotstudio.com
Phone: (415) 577-4201
Region: US


Website: www.nitobi.com
Contact: Andre Charland, CEO/Founder
Email: andre@nitobi.com
Phone: (604) 685-9287
Region: Canada

Pivotal Labs

Website: pivotallabs.com
Contact: Christian Sepulveda, Principal & VP Business Development
Email: chris@pivotallabs.com
Phone: (415) 777-4868 x307
Region: US

webOS Certified Developers

Our webOS Certified Developers are all highly skilled developers with webOS and mobile experience. They are passionate about webOS and helping you to develop the app you want.

10tons Ltd.

Website: www.10tons.com/
Contact: Tero Alatalo
Email: tero.alatalo@10tons.com
Phone: 358-45-1260928
Region: Finland

Agile Commerce

Website: www.agilecommerce.com
Contact: Eric Marthinsen, Principal
Email: emarthinsen@agilecommerce.com
Phone: (781) 674-0440
Region: US


Website: www.augmentum.com
Contact: Wayne Hom, CTO/EVP
Email: wayne.hom@augmentum.com
Phone: (650) 578-9221
Region: US


Contact: Calvin Fong
Email: hoiwai930@gmail.com
Phone: +852-97263441
Region: Hong Kong

Canuck Coding

Website: www.canuckcoding.ca
Contact: Jason Robitaille
Email: jason@canuckcoding.ca
Region: Canada

Dave Prochnow

Website: dpwebos.posterous.com
Email: prochnow.dave@gmail.com
Region: US

Gaurav Kheterpal

Contact: Gaurav Kheterpal
Email: gaurav.kheterpal@gmail.com
Region: India


Website: www.innivo.com
Email: sales@innivo.com
Phone: +44 (0) 1633 415334
Region: UK

James Harris

Website: www.jeharrisonline.com
Email: erupnu@gmail.com
Region: US


Website: www.mfoundry.com
Contact: Shadi Saifan, Senior Solutions Architect
Email: shadis@mfoundry.com
Phone: (415) 925-8545
Region: US

Mobile Apps Maui

Contact: Tom Bigelow
Email: tbigelow51@gmail.com
Region: US


Website: www.mobile1up.com
Contact: Aaron Ardiri
Email: aaron.ardiri@ubitexx.com
Phone: +49 172 886 9279
Region: Germany

Moray Labs LLC

Website: www.coolate.com
Contact: Drew Lenhart
Email: moraylabs@gmail.com
Region: US

More Solutions, LLC

Website: www.moresolutionsapps.com
Contact: Tony Arous
Email: sales@moresolutionsapps.com
Region: US

Newness Development

Contact: Rafael Bernad De Castro
Email: newness@newnessdevelopments.com
Phone: +34 659 834 448
Region: Spain


Website: www.newscope.com
Contact: Alexander Köhn / Nils Kassube
Email: palm@newscope.com
Phone: +49 40 300 68 73 68
Region: Germany


Website: omoco.de
Contact: Sebastian Hammerl
Email: apps@omoco.de
Phone: +49 521 977 9748
Region: Germany


Website: www.pop.us
Contact: Bill Predmore, Founder & President
Email: info@pop.us
Phone: (206) 224-0501
Region: US

Robert Kowalski

Website: www.zenappstudios.com
Email: robert@zenappstudios
Phone: +49 176 969 17923
Region: Germany

RSG Media

Website: www.rsgmedia.com
Contact: Stephen Gillen, Director, Ad Sales Products
Email: stepheG@rsgmedia.com
Phone: (646) 839-4483
Region: US


Website: www.sourcen.com
Contact: Ajay Ramachandran, Managing Partner
Email: ajay@sourcen.com
Phone: (877) 301-4563 x707
Region: US


Website: www.teleca.com
Contact: Eric Carr, VP Mobile Applications
Email: eric.carr@teleca.com
Phone: (206) 780-9990
Region: US

VivaLV Software

Website: software.vivalv.de
Contact: Thomas Boerkel
Email: software@vivalv.de
Region: Germany

Xtreme Labs

Website: www.xtremelabs.com
Email: sales@xtremelabs.com
Phone: (416) 907-9470
Region: Canada


Contact: Lionel Barrand
Email: pda@ze-palm.com
Phone: +33 5 59837157
Region: France