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HP webOS and Game Development

webOS and Game Development

The family of webOS devices features large, multitouch screens and advanced microprocessors—perfect hardware features to support mobile gaming. We know that as a game developer, you want to write games that can take advantage of those features. More importantly, we know you want to develop games that satisfy your creative and technical standards, not to mention the cravings of webOS users.The Games category in the App Catalog is big, and growing fast, and you should be in on it!

The webOS SDK currently offers the basic elements you'll need to create games across many of the most popular categories. HTML, JavaScript, Canvas, and CSS – the same core technologies that serve web developers so well and power the webOS user experience – are also suitable for creating a wide range of games: puzzles, word games, card and board games, innovative social games, and the list goes on – even simple arcade games. You can see a couple of examples next to this article.

To complement these web technologies, the Palm Mojo™ SDK provides access – via JavaScript APIs – to a variety of device events and services you can use to build games.

In addition, the Plug-in Development Kit (PDK) allows you to write games in native C/C++, using OpenGL and SDL to produce an even more immersive and vibrant gaming experience. 

For a great overview of the process of developing a code using webOS and the SDK, see the Far Out Fowl game tutorial. If you're ready to jump in to the world of game development with OpenGL and SDL, then check out our Plug-in Development Kit.

We're thrilled to see the great games the community is developing. We're interested to know what more you need, what works for you, and what doesn't work. To help us do that, we want you to talk to us about what you need to take your games to the next level.

Mostly, we'd like you to make the most of what the Mojo SDK provides. Here's what we'd recommend:

  • Use HTML, JavaScript, and CSS; and please: push the limits!
  • Already have an OpenGL or SDL based game? Port it using the PDK!
  • Take advantage of the canvas element. See Canvas Tag Support for details of how the Mojo SDK and webOS currently support Canvas.
  • Visit and contribute to the Game Developer Cafe on Palm Developer Center. There, you can talk about what you're up to, ask (and answer) questions, and help carry forward the state-of-art of webOS game development. Palm will be watching, and yours will be the feedback we use to figure out where to take webOS game development – and playing –capabilities.

We're opening the store with our basic ingredients, and we know you will make creative and extensive use of them. As we work to make our game-related APIs more robust, get in there and help us shape the future. Use web technologies to the limits of their capabilities – and your imaginations. Also, talk about what you're doing on the Game Developer Cafe. And while you're there tell us what you'd like to see. This is your platform: We're here to add the capabilities that make you truly creative and successful—and to then step out of the way so your killer game can get the attention it deserves.

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