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Developer Program Details

This article covers the details of the HP webOS Developer Program - what you have to do to join and how you can distribute your applications.

We've designed the program to be easy and flexible. This flexibility requires that you make some choices when you sign up as well as when you publish your applications.

If you're new to the HP webOS Developer Program, please take a few minutes to read this article, and be sure to let us know how we can make the program better by dropping us an email at pdc@palm.com.

Enrolling in the HP webOS Developer Program is easy

Most developers will need to set up what we call a "full account." If you're an open source developer, you'll want to create an open source account. If you're part of a large team of developers, you may need to set up only a community membership account. Each of these is detailed below as well as in the chart,  Developer Accounts Summary.

Full Account

This account lets you publish applications to users of the HP webOS platform worldwide. A full account is free. If you are part of a larger company with many webOS developers, you may want to limit access to this account so you can coordinate publishing of applications on behalf of your company. There is no technical reason, however, why different employees in the same company could not sign up have their own accounts.

Open Source Account

HP wants to encourage open source activity around webOS, so we created a special program for open source projects. If you are developing an open source project you can create a special open source account; check the open source account type when you sign up. Open source accounts are free and support the same publishing and distribution capabilities as a full account, but they have the requirement that all applications published by this account must be open source software. When you publish your open source applications, you must also specify the license that your application uses. We support a variety of popular open source licenses as recognized by OSI.

Community Membership Account

A community membership account lets you participate in the forums at the HP webOS Developer Center. If you are part of a large team of developers at a company, you may need to set up only a community membership account since someone else in your company may be responsible for submitting applications using the full account. Community accounts are free, but they cannot be used to publish or distribute software.

HP webOS Developer Accounts Summary

Account Type Fees Publish Software Access Forum Revenue Share Notes
Full account Free Yes Yes 70%  
Open source account Free Yes Yes 70% All software must be open source
Community account Free No Yes N/A  


When you set up an account, you'll need to choose a user name and password. Depending on the type of account, you'll also need to provide your business information if you plan on selling software. For US developers, tax information is optional until you publish software. If you plan on contributing to an open source project and want to publish commercial software, you can of course set up more than one account, one for your open source projects and one for non-open source projects.

When you sign up for a Developer or Open Source account so you can begin distributing apps, you will need to provide some additional information, including a PayPal account. Note that you must have a PayPal account regardless of whether you intend to charge for your apps, because the account is used to verify your identity.

All paid application purchases entitle developers to receive 70% of revenues, net of applicable taxes. HP will pay you through the PayPal MassPay service. You do not incur any fees by receiving funds through this mechanism. (You may, however, incur currency conversion charges if you choose to settle in a currency other than what we provide.) Customers purchase applications using credit cards.