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App Marketing Kit

Welcome to the webOS App Marketing Kit. With the tools and tips in this kit, you'll be able to bring attention to your application and drive sales through the HP webOS App Catalog, the web, and social networking sites.

Linking to Your App

Every app in the catalog has a link in the web catalog. By driving traffic to this pages, you can increase traffic to your app in the catalog. This page shows your app's details, all screenshots, rating, and full description. Users can put in their phone number to get an SMS message to the app.

Your Web Catalog page is "developer.palm.com/webChannel/index.php?packageid=YOUR_APP_ID".

Create a Fan Page for Your App on Facebook

Facebook has a system called 'Fan Pages'. These are pages that let you and your friends show your support for something, such as an app. On this page you can exchange notes and post news about your app. This is a great way to build a community around your app and help spread the word. For an example, see this fan page from the Hot Apps leader: YouMail. www.facebook.com/youmail

When you create your fan page, be sure to explain what the app does, include some artwork (like your icon or screenshot), and a short message asking your friends to help. For example:

Hi guys. I just started this page for fans of my cool webOS app: "How awesome am I?". It's a fun app that lets you calculate how awesome you are through search engine analysis. Please trying out my app from my page here [link to catalog details page] and forwarding the Facebook fan page on to anyone you know with a webOS phone!

After you create the Facebook Fan Page, you can use it to give your fans news about your app. You can tell them about updates, new features, or new promotions. (Maybe you've reduced the price by 50% for the next week.)

For more info on Facebook fan pages see: www.facebook.com/advertising/

Tweet on Twitter

Twitter is another great way to spread the word about your app. You only have 140 characters, though, so you'll have to be brief. Try something like this:

My cool webOS app "How awesome am I?" is now in the webOS catalog. Check it out at developer.palm.com/webChannel/index.php=com.myapp.howawesome!

Use a URL shortener like tinyurl.com to make it all fit.

Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon

Here are just some of the many other sites where you can post your app to get the word out.

Create a Limited but Free Version of Your App

Many successful apps have both free and paid versions. The free versions have limited functionality but give the user a taste of what the app has to offer. You can put a link in the app to buy the full paid version. Link to an app in the catalog from your app with code like this:


this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", {
method: "open",
parameters: {
id: 'com.palm.app.browser',
params: {
target: "http://developer.palm.com/appredirect/?packageid=com.mycompany.myappid";

Create a YouTube Video for Your App

A really dynamic way to show potential customers how great your app is to make a video showing it in action. You can show basic and advanced features, cool extras, and let people know how excited you are about your app. You can take a video of your device, or capture a screencast of the app in action in the emulator. Add titles and scene transitions for that extra touch of professionalism. Post the video on YouTube, then link to the video on your website.

If you submit your app to the App Catalog, the submission tool allows you to specify a link to a YouTube video of your application. If you do, a video thumbnail will appear on your application's App Catalog page. Clicking the link will open the device's YouTube app and play your video. This is a great way to promote and sell your application. (We do ask that you please follow the Application Content Criteria when creating your video.)

Make Your App Stand Out in the Catalog

  • Icon and Screenshot: Take care with your images.
    When people see your app in the catalog, they'll notice a great icon. You want your icon to stand out, and make the best possible first impression. That means having good images. First, make sure you have a good looking, full resolution icon. This image is what users will see first in the catalog listing, even before the get to the screen for your app. Second, make sure you have some good looking screenshots. Since one screenshot is shown immediately when a user gets to the screen for your app, make sure that first screenshot is a good one. If your app has a fun splash screen, that's a good choice for the first screenshot.
  • Title: Choose a great name for your app.
    If someone is looking for a Twitter app, they will be more likely to find it if Twitter is in the name. Something like TweeMaster for Twitter is better than just TweeMaster.
  • Description: Go over your app description with a fine-toothed comb.
    The description should clearly indicate what your app does and why someone should buy it. This is your most direct communication with potential customers, so it's your best chance to get them to buy your app. Grammar and spelling count! If your description is clear, correct, and entertaining, potential customers will be more likely to think that your app will be too.
  • Translations: Translate your app.
    The Palm App Submission tool now lets you sell your apps in countries where English isn't the primary language. You aren't required to make translations in order to sell in other countries, but you will probably sell more copies if your app has been translated into the native language.