Qawmi madrasas under watch
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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
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Qawmi madrasas under watch

The police headquarters have sent directives to all the district police chiefs to mount watch on Qawmi madrasas in the wake of the March 24 arms and ammo haul at a Bhola madrasa-cum-orphanage.

Sources at the police HQ say the directives were issued on March 28 asking the superintendents of police to watch activities of the Qawmi madrasas and other suspicious places.

"We have been asked to mount surveillance on the Qawmi madrasas to know whether any outsiders or even foreigners visit any institutions and whether any lessons or motivation on jihad is imparted there," says an SP seeking anonymity.

A police official in Bhola from the Rapid Action Battalion says they have already stepped up intelligence activities in all 115 Qawmi madrasas in the district.

The officers-in-charge (OCs) of a number of police stations outside the capital say they have already been instructed to enter any Qawmi madrasa if anything looks suspicious.

"Moreover, the authorities have also asked us to compel such madrasa authorities to demolish high boundary walls and barbed wire fences, if any," comments an OC.

Inspector General of Police Nur Mohammad yesterday said they have issued directives to mount watch on Qawmi madrasas and other suspicious places.

He said the step has been taken to check whether the madrasas are really teaching or carrying out any fundamental or militant activities.

"There are some grey areas in Qawmi madrasas, since rules and regulations regarding their [Qawmi madrasas] syllabus and studies could not fully be implemented," the IGP has recently told a private satellite TV channel.

About the present state of militancy, Nur Mohammad said he does not think militants have any strong base; rather militancy is very much under control now.

As of 2006, there were around 40 lakh students in about 15,000 Qawmi madrasas, according to sources at Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasa Education Board.

Around two lakh teachers are employed in these madrasas.

Of these madrasas, 300 are under Bangladesh Qawmi Madrasa Education Board named Vefaqul Madarisil Arabia Bangladesh at the Takmil (Master's degree) level, 200 at the Fazilat (Bachelor's) level, 200 at the sanaria ammah level, 1,000 at the Sanaria ammah (secondary), 2,000 at the Mutawassitah (lower secondary) level, 3,000 at the Ibtedayi (primary) level, 2,000 for Tahfeezul Quran and 30 at the level of tazbid wal qiraat (higher course for reading the Quran).

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We praise the law enforcing agencies for these new steps. There should not be any secrecy with high walls around these madrassah. If you look to the schools. There may be an boundary wall but people know what's happening there. The community has a right to know what's happening there. Last 10 years we are hearing some of these madrassah & mosques are used by extremist groups.

If any small children are taught that other religeous people are inferior, what will be the future? They will hate others in their life time. We should look what they are teaching to these young kids.

: SR

about Qwami madrasas, it is disappointing to have religious educational or moral building educational system misguided.

on the other hand where misguidance is everywhere what you can expect. corruption and chaos are in almost all educational institution, you name.

why can these madrasa education be integrated within the mainstream system of education especially when just recently equal opportunity education for all have been emphasised?

: zerosopher
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  • Md Moshiur Rahman
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 09:31 AM GMT+06:00 (186 weeks ago)

    Government should remember that they are also the citizens of our country.So, they should not be harassed.we all are against any sort of evil.I think they are also.But Govt. should not act in a way that they stand against them and thus the real culprits find privilege from that.

  • SR
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 12:55 PM GMT+06:00 (186 weeks ago)

    Only one system of education should be there in the primary level. This is high time to take a decision to save our motherland from future blood shed & carnage. Madrassa education should be integrated with the main education system urgently. If we teach the young children about extremism today, what we expect from them in future.

  • SR
    Tuesday, March 31, 2009 11:25 AM GMT+06:00 (186 weeks ago)

    Who allowed this madrassa to be built in an isolated place? How much money they have spent? High walled, canal around the compound, stocking of arms & ammunition, regular training, religious political party leaders were involved. These are the signs of future carnage in our country like BDR carnage happened recently. We saw ramna park massacare, udichi attack, gulistan grenade attack etc. All these are linked. Some of the BDR recruits came from the follower of bangla bhai. These people like Anowar etc killed many people during bangla bhai's crime spree time. But these people got job in BDR. They were rewarded for killing people. Last pilkhana carnage they did again. Who are the main financier? How these arms came to this madrassah? How pakistani doctor got visa to work in these green crescent clinic? People want answers.

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