Barbara J. Stock
November 17, 2005
The pathology of an Islamic mind
By Barbara J. Stock

How easily the words came from her mouth. The Iraqi female would-be suicide bomber, Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, said so matter-of-factly that she saw the room was filled with women and children. Despite the fact that she knew she would be killing innocent children, Sajida attempted to detonate her bomb vest. Sajida stated, "There was a wedding at the hotel with children, women and men inside." She sounded like she was commenting on the weather.

It was reported that Sajida seemed nervous in front of the cameras. Was she nervous in admitting that she had no guilt or second thoughts about what she had tried to do? Was she making excuses for herself by blaming her husband? "My husband planned it." she said. She was just along for the ride, doing what she was told to do. Does this mean that Muslim women have no minds of their own? Does their strict obedience to their husbands absolve them of their sins?

The words of Sajida Mubarak Atrous al-Rishawi, a Muslim, a woman, and a wife, demonstrate the inherent flaws of Islam. Absolute obedience to the husband overrides the primal female instinct to protect babies and children from harm. These babies and children were Muslim children. They were not even the babies of the enemy. They were innocent babies caught up in the hatred of Islam for those who support anyone or anything that Islam sees as a threat. Does this obedience to Islam obliterate the simplest sense of right and wrong? It seems that it does.

This abnormal mind is the mind of our enemy. It is the mind of a woman who can place herself next to playing toddlers and attempt to blow them up and tear their bodies apart with a bomb containing ball-bearings. It is the mind of a man who can drive a car filled with explosives into a crowd of children eating ice cream with their fathers and kill them. Muslims say that this must be done in the name of Allah for the advancement of Islam.

There are many Muslims who cannot comprehend how such a thing could happen. How could fellow Muslims kill other Muslims in such a brutal and mindless manner? But even these Islamic minds that seem normal on the surface, are warped.

As many Jordanian Muslims curse the name of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, some preface their hatred with statements such as: "I am not ashamed of what his group is doing fighting the U.S. occupation of Iraq, but killing civilians, killing Muslims here in Jordan is shaming." They continue by implying that the killing innocent Iraqi Muslims is all right. The kidnapping and beheadings of civilians is understandable and slaughtering Iraqi police and military is just and reasonable, but bring the carnage to Jordan? That's not acceptable.

Are the Iraqi police and National Guard members part of an "occupying force?" Are the Iraqi children playing in the streets an "occupying force?" Yet, many Jordanians feel there is nothing wrong with what al-Zarqawi was doing in Iraq. There, he was a hero. Muslim minds are warped by Islam to ignore the obvious, accept the unacceptable, and believe evil is good because some mullah or cleric tells them so.

Yet another variety of warped Islamic mind is the one that refuses to believe Muslims actually carry out attacks such as the one in Amman. The imam in the Maktoum Mosque told his listeners that those that carried out the attacks in Amman could not be Muslim, no matter what they called themselves. On the streets after the service, most agreed with the imam. No, it was not Muslims at all, they whispered, it had to be the Jews. There was even an erroneous and later-retracted story about how the Jordanian police escorted out all the Jews from the hotels just before the bombing. To these Muslims, this was proof it was the Jews. These Muslims believe that just as before the 9/11 attack, the Jews were warned and none came into work at the World Trade Center. This was proof to Muslims that it was the Jews that attacked America, not Muslims. Of course, that report was also false, but once heard, Muslims never accept a retraction. Yes, these mosque-goers agreed, it must have been Israeli agents and not Muslims that attacked their people and so, their pained, warped minds were put at ease.

Even after the attack last year at the Hilton Hotel in Taba, Egypt, where nearly all of the fatalities were Israeli, Gen. Fouad Allam, former director of state security in Egypt, made the statement that the attack was "to sophisticated" to have been carried out by anyone other than Israeli agents. Islam, as always, was innocent, proclaimed General Allam.

These warped minds are unable to accept that it is Islam that is responsible for the bombings and the slaughter. Always able to put the blame elsewhere for all of Islam's crimes and problems, Muslims eagerly accept any and all excuses for the sins of Islam, no matter how illogical those excuses may be. If their warped minds can't accept the fact that their "religion of peace" is to blame, the blame is pushed off on the Jews, or justified by claiming it was Islam that was attacked first. Denial is their first line of defense.

Within Islam, the killing of Muslims in other countries is not a crime if those Muslims are behaving in "un-Islamic" ways. If that country's government has contact of any kind with the West, that is considered "un-Islamic." Only killing Muslims in their own country is a crime. These Muslims then convince themselves that fellow Muslims would not do such a thing, so they point the finger of blame towards Israel. These warped Muslims believe Islam is always innocent. No matter how obvious the evidence showing otherwise, Islam is innocent. It must be. It has to be. Their twisted Islamic minds can accept nothing less.

Sadly, this is what happens to the human mind when it must be constantly bent and twisted to accept the unreasonable. The Muslim mind is twisted early in life and while there is hope that it can be made whole again, those who do recover must be willing to abandon friends and family because they will no longer be welcome.

The lucky ones will escape the insanity, and for them it is like being re-born. Their minds now clear of the maddening storm clouds of Islam, they will attempt to start a new life away from Islam. These few must move away from Islam far away because Islam will hunt them down and if they refuse to re-warp their minds to fit Islam, they are killed. Only in Islam is the abnormal mind accepted and the normal mind is killed.

© Barbara J. Stock


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