Tuc is the popular snacking cracker that Irish consumers can’t get enough of.  It is a savoury product that can be eaten with or without a topping, a simple and irresistible eat.  Tuc combines an instant salty hit & light crumbly texture with a moreish melt in the mouth buttery taste delivering a satisfying, reassuringly familiar Tuc experience. Tuc is rooted in gratification and compulsiveness. It is viewed as a tasty, versatile and unique savoury offering. 

Tuc really is The Unique Cracker!!

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The range is easily recognisable with its distinctive bold yellow and blue packaging and the crackers unique octagonal shape. Tuc crackers are delicious eaten on their own or with your favourite toppings, and are available in a variety of pack formats making it a versatile family snack.

Tuc Original Tuc Barbecue Tuc Cheese

Tuc Minis Tuc Craks Original Tuc Craks Sour Cream

Products included in the range are:

  • Tuc 150g
  • Tuc Snack Pack 250g
  • Tuc Minis
  • Tuc Craks Original
  • Tuc Craks Sour Cream & Onion

Advertising through the ages.
Tuc range has enjoyed success on both TV and Radio with many memorable advertising campaigns. Click here to take a look at some great past campaigns »

Tuc advertising campaigns have focused on the snacking nature of the brand, as well as the melt in the mouth format of the product. Our classic Tuc advertising focused on the idea that “One more is never enough”

In 2009, Tuc Craks launch was supported with a TV and Cinema campaign.  Log onto www.snacklove.ie and see the story behind Tuc Craks.

TV Advertising:

Tuc Craks One More is Never Enough (10sec) One More is Never Enough (30sec) Gravity Open Sesame Average Mouth Baby Tuc

Radio Advertising:

Tough to Top

Innovation & Design
Innovation of the Tuc range has been key to the success of the brand, and with it's success comes the responsibility to advance innovation in the category »

Tuc Craks Original Tuc Craks Sour Cream

In 2009 the Tuc range was extended with the launch of the exciting new Tuc Craks. Tuc Craks are bite sized savoury snacks, with a crunchy kick and exciting flavours to match.  They have the same unique texture and shape as Tuc Original, but are equally compulsive.  To add to the excitement, these scrumptious snacks are available in irresistible Sour Cream & Onion and Original flavours.  Packaged in a convenient 85g bag, they are ideal for on the go snacking and perfect for sharing.  Log onto www.snacklove.ie to see the story behind Tuc Craks.

Tuc have also recently launched your favourite savoury cracker in a new mini format.  Tuc Minis are also available in a convenient 85g on the go snack pack and are available now in all major retailers at a price of €1.30.