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I’ve moved to a new home, and hope you will come with me

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Just a heads up that I’m starting a new job as editor-in-chief of ReadWrite, a tech site formerly known as ReadWriteWeb. We have rebranded the site as ReadWrite and launched it yesterday with a new design and a new approach to covering tech news. Meaning: more personality, more engagement, more fun.

This is not going to be Fake Steve 2.0 because, alas, Fake Steve has left the building. But it will give me a place where I can write the kind of stuff I want to write, with loads of freedom and with a small group of like-minded souls. ReadWrite has a really good staff of writers, and we’re going to be adding more voices to the mix. I’m looking for interesting, thought-provoking ideas, so send them along.

My idea is that journalism needs to become more about conversation than publication. As Arianna Huffington likes to say (in her strange accent) “Self-expression is the new entertainment.” So look — come along with me on this adventure and express yourselves. Become part of ReadWrite. Add your voice to the conversation.

For those of you who are still hanging around from the Fake Steve days, first of all, Namaste, and second of all, Let’s put the band back together. We have a platform where we can do some of the things we did on Fake Steve, like create a sense of community and add a touch of irreverence to the world of tech. Now more than ever the Valley is in need of a bracing, no-bullshit shot of truth, and we are the ones to deliver it. Especially now that Michael Arrington and MG Siegler, the herpes of tech journalism (they keep going away and coming back) are now returning to TechCrunch, which is going to raise the bullshit barrage and general douchebaggery of tech coverage.

As for me, I’ve been cooped up in dying newsweekly for the last four years, and I’ve been miserable. But now I feel like I’ve been sprung from prison and given permission to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world. I can’t wait. I hope you’ll come along and have some fun.