RaspberryPi LED Strip Control

At this moment, this pages is just a stub. I will be adding more here as I work on this project.


My wife LOVES colorful things. This is an understatement. In our new home, she will have an office/collection room/shrine to all things colorful and, being a geek, my first thought was that I could get a cool project out of this.

I already had a Raspberry Pi board that I had been playing around with and had heard of the digital LED strips sold by places like Adafruit. These ended up being a great match for one another. Sure, an Arduino could have been used, but the Raspberry Pi gives me high speed, lots of RAM and built in networking for very little cost.

I am also working on a web-based controller for the whole system. It’s code will be posted on GitHub once it’s a little more stable.

This pages will log my build process and eventually the final product.

Demo Video

Demo of the initial set of available animations built into the Python library I have built for controlling the LPD8806 LED strips.

Hardware Details

Controller: Raspberry Pi, Mode B – Rev 1
LED Strip: LPD8806 based SMD5050 strip, 36 LEDs/meter
Misc: Adafruit 4 Channel Level Converter, Adafruit PIR motion sensor


GitHub: https://github.com/adammhaile/RPi-LPD8806

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