With less than a week left before Election Day, its important to know who the best candidate is for you and also how to make sure your vote is counted for him.

This quick easy guide will help you make sure your voice is heard November 4th.


Begin by making sure your voting information is up-to-date. Check out to confirm that you are registered and find your polling location.


Record turnout is expected at the polls, so youll want to know the times at which you can vote, if you dont already. can provide you with that information, in addition to what to bring based on your state.


In some states, what you wear to the polls can determine whether youre even allowed to vote. Do yourself a favor: dont wear any political attire or accessories. No one needs to know for whom youre voting; when the ballots are counted, theyll know.


Be sure to bring identification of some kind. For most states, a drivers license (or other government-issued photo ID) is all you need. But be sure you know exactly what you need before you even leave the house.


If you do not have a drivers license in the state that you are registered to vote in, make sure to bring in some letters that show your residential address (i.e. credit card bills, cell phone bill, etc). This proves you are a resident of the state. Also make sure to click the link from the identification, please section.


Youll be doing more than choosing a president. Most states have ballot measures that will need your vote, as well.


If you have a disability, have physical limitations or have limited English proficiency, please feel free to ask for assistance at the polling place.


If you have any problems voting, do not leave your polling place. Instead, call 866-OUR-VOTE (866-687-8683) to get advice. Legal experts will be on hand to help you determine your voting rights.

If you dont have a legal question but want to report a problem you had, call 866-MYVOTE1 (866-698-6831) and leave a detailed message with your name, phone number and the reason for your call so someone can investigate your problem.

Hopefully, the hard part (picking a candidate) is behind you at this point, but theres one last task to carry out your civic duty: well see you at the polls Tuesday!

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    Thanks for the info. Obama 08 !!!!

  2. C. Farmer

    Great information Concrete Loop!!! I voted on October 13th, 2008 in the state of Georgia

    Obama 08

  3. MissMarcJacobs



  4. Nice CL.

    And make sure your kids have something to do in line if u have to take them! It seems like eternity for them lil demons


    Thank you so much for posting this. Although the info may seem trivial to some, this is my first time voting and Ive learned some new things. Im saving those numbers in my phone right now.

  6. I voted last Thursday and it felt so good!

  7. BigDaddyReg


  8. this is my second time voting,..just wanted to ask, does your address have to match?

    i moved and havent had to a chance to change my address.

  9. @ 8. Do you have a drivers license?

    I voted yesterday and feel pretty good! I plan on being in Chi-town on Tuesday to hear Barack Obama speak.

  10. hmmm

    Concrete Loop,

    You guys have been doing an excellent job keeping your readers informed. I am so happy to see young African-Americans getting excited to vote. Lets hope the excitement from this election stirs something up within our cohort to continue to vote in elections to come.

    Keep up the good work.

  11. ja

    @ 8

    Most states have some kind of electric system to identify votes. In Texas voter regerstration is often linked to the number on your driver’s license therefore the address dosent matter because the number dosent change. What you can do is call Voter regerstration for you city/state and verify the number linked to you voter card.

  12. ClassyandSassy

    You are only supposed to be asked to show your photo I.D. the FIRST time you vote! It is a violation of your civil rights and your civil liberties as American citizens if you are asked to show photo identification after your first time voting. It is also against the law. If you are asked to show identification, are turned away, are told to fill out a provisional ballot, if there is are any shady dealings, please contact your local American Civil Liberties Union.

  13. ---bobbi---

    as long as u have ur voter reg card, in texas, thats all u need..they cannot ask- for dl if u have ur card.
    (just make sure its not SJL lol)

  14. ---bobbi---

    -it depends what state u live in. in texas it doesnt matter, but texas makes
    pretty simple compared to other state. ive heard that in states like FL
    everything has to match.

  15. I Baracked It

    I voted last Thursday as well

  16. Yes, Us Texas voters have it easy. You can either bring your DL or your voters registration card, no questions asked.

    I just hope we become a BLUE state this year (which I doubt). If Texas turns blue Obama will definitely win the election hands down!

  17. Great info. I voted already.

    Sidebar: Your voters registration card will get you through the line quicker than just a photo id alone.

  18. shauny

    I voted 2 weeks ago and it took me all of 10 minutes.

    Obama/Biden *side eyeing this dude sometimes though. 08

  19. ninabrown

    i voted already! i wore my obama t-shirt! i cant wait to see him tomorrow!
    good job concrete loop!

  20. ja

    @ tjack25

    Thats funny. The last time Texas was blue was during JFK and that was mostly because of LBJ. In 2006 we were pretty blue, but over half the folks running were one time Republicans. Sorry hun too much money runing through Texas. Just look at Exxon Moble ( houston based) turned the largest profit in its history this quarter. This is mostly because of local government. Remember we are one of the few states that dont have a state tax and one of the most profitable states. We have one of better educational systems as a state ( numbers vary when you get in to who runs what county) The Demacratic party use to be the pro life, pro christian, small government party. When that changed Texas Changed. Remember Roe V Wade was a case out of Dallas, Texas, that was partly a civil rights case.

  21. BOOOOOOOOO!!!!

    The address in the system has to match your drivers license. If your driver license is the same as the address in their file dont worry about it. If you know that your drivers license address has changed since you last voted then they SHOULD BE able to update the information without it being a problem. HOWEVER if you moved to a new voting zone then their may be a problem PLEASE CALL TODAY TO FIND OUT.

  22. GeyonceIrene

    Thank you!!!!

  23. sickofit!

    im so sorry but i am very sick of hearing people say that the only reason black people are voting for obama is because he is black! for some people that is the case but not all of us!! wtf! stop stereotyping us! (does anybody else feel that way?)
    now im off my soap box. i just had to get that off my chest! ;)

  24. sickofit!

    wait just to make things clear im not voting for mccain. i just dont like it when people think that is the only reason i like obama.

  25. Nik

    Great idea thanks for all the info!

  26. NeedWisdmDaily

    Yeayyyyyyy I mailed my absentee voters info on Thursday.

    *chanting* O-BA- MA.O-BA-MA..O-BA-MA

  27. Brandi

    Thanks CL for the information. This is my first time voting and I am very excited!

  28. SoulPhlower

    We will be glad to have you here in the CHI! Angel

  29. JUJU

    Today was my first time ever voting and I thought stuff could have been more simple!

  30. YUMMY

    I voted yesterday, and the lady asked for my drivers license, even though I had a voter registration card. They asked everyone for their drivers license, even though most of us had our cards. I had no idea that it was against the law.

  31. Nikki

    First time voting. I was wondering about Ballot measures. Thanks for that Ill be checking it out.

  32. Toons

    @ SICKOFIT! I dont necessarily think its so much the fact that Obama is black but more so the fact that hes inciting a new generation of voters. Hes made politics very interesting. Hes transparent and charming (no homo) without any hidden agendas and inspite of the negative commentary from the naysayers hes taking politics to a different level. He wants to move this country in another direction and we definitely need that, right now the USA has a bad wrap across the globe.

    Not only is he drawing a record number of blacks, but hes drawng attention and getting votes from a lot of affluent white republicans, not to mention the other minorities including Asians, and Hispanics. Also the turnout of young people is very large.

    Not to put a damper on everything, I need to know for clarification if this is true or not, but apparently they arent counting the early voters ballots untill theyve counted the regular votes on the 4th. And its been reported that the majority of early voters are democrats and black. Does anyone have any info on this?

  33. Alicia AKA The Lady of the Game

    Good looking out CL! Great Post, Thanks for the info!

  34. .HELLO!

    im all the way up in Toronto and im happy its come to this day!!! go obama!
    but holay!!!! were wick of hearing about this now!!
    I DONT NO HOW YALL ARE HANDLING DOWN IN THE STATES!!!! i would be going bizzurks!!

  35. this post alone has answered all of my questions i had about voting. i voted in the last election, but i was living somewhere else then and wasnt sure how a move would affect me. thanks so much for this info!!!

  36. hmm

    Is it better for me to go early in the morning to vote or late in the evening?

    I want to make sure my vote counts.

  37. N.O.chick


    OBAMA 08!!!

  38. hilltop



  39. Mike J.

    Very informatiave CL.. I already voted earlier this month and I was in and out in 15 mins. That was the benefit of voting early here in ATL now people are standing in line for HOURS I also plan on flying into Chicago on Tuesday for Obamas speech as well, I cant wait!!

    Obama/Biden 08 and 12

  40. Mike J.

    I forgot it was already November 1st when I said earlier this month I was talking about October

  41. Ready 4 REAL Change

    I think they are counting all the ballots on the fourth to make them all official at the same time. To my understanding its not really anything new, I may be wrong but dont they usually wait till election day to count absentee ballots as well? I think its a good thing because it allows people to feel like they HAVE to vote on the fourth. You know if one candidate was way in the lead right now, people would probably stay home Tuesday.

  42. this was a good post!great idea.

    this will be my first year voting,cant wait!!!
    OBAMA 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Beyonce+ Solo= 2 talented sistahs

    Vote Obama OR vote McCain. Whatever are either of these presidential hopefuls going to do anything? Are they going to end up acting a fool and dumbass like Bush? Who knows? Thats why its hard to vote. You always, always have to take chances. McCain is old , Sarah Palin doesnt know how to answer a damn question! Like she was asked something I forgot what it was and she began to answer and then she randomly started to talk about Alaska. LMAO! Anyways Barack Obama SEEMS to be the PERFECT candidate. Lets hope he does the right thing. BARACK THE VOTE YALL! Oh yeah all Kenyans including Barack STAND UP!

  44. linda

    my daughter in myself voted early. she just turned 21 this is her first time voting it was a proud day for us. to be a part of history together. god bless america. obama 08!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. QUEEN1

    MCCAIN / PALIN 08!!!!


    @ #25 I agree with you!!

    I dont care about race! I am voting for the one that represents my views. If the situation was like this say Obama was a Republican and McCain was a Democrat. I would still vote for McCain because I am a Democrat. Race has nothing to do with my vote at ALL!! OBAMA!!!! O8!!!!

  47. Lauryn

    OBAMA 08!

    Come on who really wants 4 more years of another BUSH??? I SURE DONT!

  48. Lauryn

    44 I turned 18 in May so this would be my first time voting too!

  49. soscha

    Ill be there 7 am in the state of DE on 11/4/08 GO BAMA

  50. bebe

    Vote for the person that most represents you. People keep making this into a race thing. Which has been quite annoying this past year.

    McCain 08!

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  52. BritishJanaican

    barack the vote people.

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