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A javascript library for flowin html pages into a book-like format that can be printed to PDF.

Issues: Due

  • Improvement BKJS-2 Due Date: 15/Nov/12 footnotes
  • Improvement BKJS-6 Due Date: 30/Nov/12 tex-like line breaking
  • Improvement BKJS-3 Due Date: 24/Dec/12 support for floats

Issues: 30 Day Summary

Issues: 8 created and 1 resolved

Issues: Updated recently

  • Bug BKJS-1 Updated: Last Thursday 1:32 AM BookJS does not work in Chrome 24, and not in Chrome 23 with reions turned off
  • Improvement BKJS-8 Updated: 23/Oct/12 clean paste
  • Improvement BKJS-7 Updated: 23/Oct/12 hyphenation in editable mode (with manual exceptions)

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