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Thursday, November 1, 2012

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Long Gas Lines, Clogged Roads and Slim Hope for a Better Day

The view from Third Avenue in Brooklyn toward the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Wednesday morning. With most mass transit out of service, many commuters had no choice but to drive.
Michael Kirby Smith for The New York Times

The view from Third Avenue in Brooklyn toward the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway on Wednesday morning. With most mass transit out of service, many commuters had no choice but to drive.

With some commutes into the city taking three hours, New Yorkers clung to news that some subway and rail service would be restored on Thursday.

Live Updates

New York Region Faces Rescues, Looting and a Rising Death Toll

New York faced horror in waterlogged neighborhoods, where rescuers pulled bodies from wreckage, and exasperation elsewhere as more than 3.75 million people entered a third day without electricity.

New Jersey Reels From Storm’s Thrashing

Though Hurricane Sandy raged up the East Coast, it has become increasingly apparent that New Jersey took the brunt of it.

One Result of Hurricane: Bipartisanship Flows

Despite having dismissed President Obama just last week as a weak leader, Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey, a Republican, was full of praise for him this week, calling him “outstanding.”

An Unlikely Political Pair, United by a Disaster

President Obama’s tour of New Jersey with Gov. Chris Christie confronted Mitt Romney with a vexing challenge just as he returned to the campaign trail in Florida.

One Storm Still Hasn’t Blown Over

Gov. Chris Christie took President Obama on a tour of the storm damage, but Mayor Lorenzo Langford of Atlantic City, with whom he has been feuding, did not get to come along.

Storm Closes City Schools for a Week

In announcing the closing, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg cited damage to school buildings as the reason, but said he expected almost all schools to reopen Monday.

Nets’ Opener Against the Knicks in Brooklyn Is Postponed

The Nets’ regular-season debut at Barclays Center, scheduled for Thursday night, was postponed because of the lingering effects of Hurricane Sandy.

Are Humans to Blame? Science Is Out

Scientists say they simply do not know for sure if Hurricane Sandy was caused or made worse by human-induced global warming.

Bellevue Hospital Evacuated After Backup Power Fails

An administrator described third-world conditions, with no hot water, no lab or radiology services and pails of water hauled up the stairs to use for flushing toilets.

Hurricane Sandy’s Lesser-Known Victims: Lab Rats

Thousands of painstakingly-bred rodents used in the study of heart disease, cancer and mental disorders drowned at a New York University research center in Kips Bay.

Governors Promote Lower Deductibles for Homeowners

Homeowners who suffered wind and storm damage this week will get financial relief from rulings that insurers must treat Sandy as a tropical storm and not a hurricane.

On Twitter, Sifting Through Falsehoods in Critical Times

Twitter says it cannot possibly regulate the millions of messages on its service, and that a bit of misinformation and mischief is to be expected.

More News
A human eyeball in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.
Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times

A human eyeball in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn.

Determined trick-or-treaters and their parents held costumed block parties in many New York City neighborhoods.

With Crane Overhead, Carnegie Is Off Limits

Carnegie Hall canceled all concerts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday after the city cordoned off streets surrounding the hall and cut off utilities to the area for safety reasons.

Fans in Brooklyn Have New Shoulder to Cry On

After 35 years in New Jersey, the Nets are a New York team now and their arrival has spawned a new breed of fan: the Knicks-to-Nets defector.

New York Area Services
Subway Service in New York City

A map of where subway service has resumed in New York City.

Hurricane Sandy Videos

Coverage of the storm’s prelude, its impact and continued aftermath.

Aerial Photographs of the Damage in New Jersey

Zoom into aerial photographs showing devastation caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Hoboken After Hurricane Sandy

Hoboken, N.J., struggles to recover after flooding caused by Hurricane Sandy.

Stranded by the Storm

The lobby of the La Guardia Airport Marriott was full of stranded tourists and locals who came to the hotel to ride out the impact of Hurricane Sandy.

After Sandy: Salvaging in Tottenville

The residents of Staten Island's Tottenville neighborhood begin their cleanup efforts.

Marathon Preparation Continues

Timekeepers for the New York Marathon continue their preparations despite complications from Hurricane Sandy.

Water Everywhere, and the Damage Is Just as Ubiquitous

Dispatches from five areas affected by flooding and damage from Hurricane Sandy.

Devastation in New Jersey

Aerial views of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to the New Jersey coast.


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