BGSU Virtual Campus in Second Life

BGSU Virtual Campus in Second Life


Second Life is a 'multi-user virtual environment' (MUVE) in which users of an online 3d space can interact through avatars using voice and text chat. Also called 'Residents', users can explore, meet other Residents, socialize, participate in individual and group activities, as well as create and trade virtual items and services.

Second Life offers educators and students an online environment to meet face to face, dramatically changing the dynamic of online meetings and education. Since Second Life is used by people all over the world, it presents an opportunity to engage in cross-cultural networking and research within a global community. The Second Life virtual world is a dynamic 3d space and immersive learning environment that can be created and experienced by student or teacher.

The Bowling Green State University Second Life virtual campus was established in April of 2007 as a environment where students, faculty and staff can begin to explore this interactive, collaborative, online virtual world. The island is always in a state of development as the residents and administrators of the island work together to create a rich environment that fosters education and social interaction.

To learn how to get into Second Life on our Getting Started page.

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The Bowling Green State University Virtual Campus is supported by the Office of the CIO.