From Marx Rumpolt, Ein New Kochbuch, c. 1581
Transliteration and translation © 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 by M. Grasse

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As this resource is unavailable in English I am working on posting translations of the recipes for others to access. If you use my efforts, please give credit, send me a copy, and also reference this web site. Thank you.

This project will be a long term effort. At this point only some links are active, though I have made an effort to list at least 2 recipes in each of the major categories. More translations will be added as time permits, and I am continuing to work on transcribing/translitterating the German . Please give me feedback on what I have completed so far, and what more you would like to see.

Giano Balestriere from Drachenwald has also been working on re-creating recipes from Rumpolt and other German sources. I am webbing his efforts, with permission, to provide a central source for the German material. Giano's recipes are currently indexed from the content page. Find Ginao's information here

Ein Verständige und klärliche Unterrichtung/ wie vielerley Speisen und Trachten/ von allerley vierfüssigen Thieren/ als gesotten/ gebraten/ gebacken/ Presolen/ Carbonaden/ darzu mancherley Pasteten und Füllwerk/ Pouesen/ Schlichtrapffen/ Salrat/ Sülzen unnd Kaldaunen/ auff Teutsch/ Ungerisch/ Hispanisch/ Italianisch und Französische weiß und manier/ zu bereiten und zu zurichten seyn/ als erstlich:

An understandable and clear explanation/ how many dishes and / from many four footed animals/ as cooked, roasted (fried)/ baked/ Presolen???/ rib meats/ thereto many types of pastry and filled things/ filled pancakes/ pies/ salads/ brawns and innards/ in [the] German/ Hungarian/ Hispanic/ Italian and French way and manner / to prepare and present/ as firstly:

Folget ein kla:rliche vnd verstandge vnterrichtung/ wie vnnd was für Speiß vnd Trachten/ auff der Keyserlichen Maiestat/ der Königen/ Churfürsten/ Erzherzogen/ Graffen/ Edelleut/ Burger vnd Bauwren Bancketen/ nach eines jeden Standt/ nicht allein auff die Fleisch/ sondern auch auff die Fasttage/ zuzurichten seye/
Follows a clear and understandable explanation, how and what for the food and traditions, for the Emperors majesty, the kings, electors, archdukes, counts, nobles, burghers and farmers banquets, each according to his station, not only on the meat, but also on the fast days, are to be served.

Vom Ochsen seind drey und achzigerley Speiß und Trachten zu machen. Pg Ia
From an Ox are three and eighty Dishes to make.
[Subsets of this include cow, veal, and steer.]
[The Ox section has already been transcribed [though not translated] by Dr. Gloning, so this link is to his site. Addiditonal sections are being transcribed in a joint project between myself and Dr. Gloning. Links will be added as they are completed. Here is a link to the veal section.]
Here is a link to the cow section.]

Von einem Castraun oder Hammel seind fünff und vierzigerley Speiß und Trachten zu machen. Pg. XXIIIb
From a mutton are five and forty dishes to make.[This has already been transcribed [though not translated] by Dr. Gloning, so I will link to his site.]
[Subsets of this include lamb and goat]

Von einer Spensaw seind zwey und dreyssigerley Speiß und Trachten zu machen. Pg XXXVb
From a sow (domestic pig) are two and thirty dishes to make.
[A transcription of the German webbed on Thomas's site, but for now link here for a tranliteration. (Any errors are my own addition ;-)]

Von allerley Wildpret.Pg XXXIXa
From assorted (wild) game
[This is an amazing list, see page. As sections are transcribed I will link from that page, as there are too many to list in this section.]

Folget ein klärliche und verständige unterrichtung/ wie mancherley Speisen und Trachten von vielerley Vögeln und Federwildpret zu bereiten und zuzurichten seyn. Pg LXIIIa
Follows a clear and understandable instruction/ how to prepare many dishes from birds and game birds. [See page for the whole long list.] UPDATED 03/04 - Peacock Recipes added

Eine schöne und klärliche unterrichtung/ wie mancherley Speisen/ Richten und Trachten/ ausz allerley Fischen/ nach einer jeden Nation gewonheit und brauch als gesotten/ gebraten/ gebacken/ und in Pasteten/ zu bereiten unnd zu zurichten seyen. Pg XCVIa
A nice and clear instruction/ how many dishes, preparations/ from assorted fish/ in the habit and manner of all nation are cooked/ roasted (fried)/ baked/ and in pastry/ to be prepared.
[This includes many different fish and shellfish. See page for the whole list.]

Von allerley Zugemüsz so auff mancherly art mag zugerichtet werden. Pg CXLI
Of assorted vegetable dishes to be prepared in many ways.

Von allerley Kräuter Salat/ weiß und grün/ wie nachfolget. CLVIIb
Of assorted herbal salads/ white and green/ as follows.
[This has already been transcribed [though not translated] by Dr. Gloning, so I will link to his site.]

Von allerley Zugehörung zum Braten/ eynzutuncken. Pg CLIXb
Of assorted accompaniments for dipping roasts (into.)

Von mancherley art Mandelfäz zu machen. Pg CLXIa
Of assorted almond (paste?) shapes to make.

Von allerley Suppen/ wie man sie zurichten sol. Pg CLXIIa
Of assorted soups/ how one should prepare them.
[This has already been transcribed [though not translated] by Dr. Gloning, so I will link to his site.]

Von allerley gebackens/ wie man es zurichten sol. Pg CLXVb
Of assorted baked goods/ how one should prepare (it.) [These seem to include items fried in butter (still a German interpretation of bake but item is deep fried,) as well as oven baked items.]
[This has already been transcribed [though not translated] by Dr. Gloning, so I will link to his site.]

Von allerley Pasteten/ so vom Fleischwerck und Gevögel können gemacht werden. Pg CLXXIIa
Of assorted pastries/ made (with) meat and fowl.

Von Pasteten/ so von Fischen ko:nnen gemacht werden. Pg CLXXVa
Of pastries/ as can be made of fish.

Von allerley Turten. Pg CLXXVIb
Of assorted tortes. (some of these seem to be pies)
[This has already been transcribed [though not translated] by Dr. Gloning, so I will link to his site.]

Von allerley Zucker Confect auß der Apotecken. Pg CLXXIXa
Of assorted sugared comfits (as) from the apothecary.
[Eventually this will link to Thomas' pages with the German transcriptions, but since this file is not webbed there yet, here a link to my transliteration. (Any errors contained therein are my own.)]

Von anderm confect/ wie man es zurichten sol. Pg CLXXIXb
Of other comfits/ how one should prepare (them.)

Von allerley Eyngemachten/ wie man es zurichten sol. Pg CLXXXIa
Of assorted preserves/ how one should prepare (them.)