Cristian Nemescu - Short Films

Following a successful series of short films that were screened at international film festivals, Nemescu was editing his first feature, California Dreamin' in 2006 when he was killed in a car accident. The film, a darkly humorous exploration of post-Communist Romania, Kafkaesque bureaucracy, cultural clash and the American dream, won the Prix un certain regard at Cannes in 2007. Nemescu's tragic death cut short a promising career within the flourishing "Romanian New Wave" in cinema. Cinebeasts presents three short films by Cristian Nemescu as a tribute to this director and his full body of work. Rarely screened and unseen by most Americans, these films will be appreciated both by fans of California Dreamin' and Romanian New Wave in general.

Mihai & Cristina, 2001, 15 min.
A high school love story with rapid transitions, choice selections of music, and a lot of imagination. As student Mihai pursues his classmate Cristina, the primary elements of adolescent romance—infatuation and confusion—are featured prominently.

C Block Story, 2003, 15 min.
Another romantic comedy of errors, centered on a middle-class Romanian family. As his parents drift apart, a young man turns to a phone sex line for advice on how to get the attention of his attractive neighbor. Along with a fairly stark depiction of life in post-communist Romania, there is a tenderness behind the protagonist and his interactions with his family and love interest.

Marilena from P7, 2006, 45 min.
In a Bucharest apartment block, 13-year old Andrei and his friends pass their time with mild teenage hooliganism and observing the prostitutes rendezvous with their johns. Andrei has fallen in love with one of the prostitutes, Marilena, and will do anything to get closer to her. A relationship that is doomed to failure seems best suited within the odd contrasts of the Romania today—gritty laissez-faire capitalism set amongst the brutalist Ceauşescu-era apartment buildings—and Nemescu balances the tragic circumstances with a dark and absurdist sense of humor.

All films screened from a digital format. A panel discussion featuring Corina Suteu (Romanian Cultural Institute-New York) and Scott Foundas (Film Society of Lincoln Center) will follow the films.

Thursday, September 27, 2012, 7:30 pm
92YTribeca - 200 Hudson Street
Tickets: $12, 92Y member price: $8
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