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Ideas for halloween=

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 21, 2012, 3:41 PM

Yo! I'm having a halloween party next week. And I have a whole house to decorate. Therefore I'm maybe thinking of filling the house with random scenes associated with horror movies (for example). Maybe some clever references to said movies as well...
But sadly, I don't have many ideas at the moment.So I'm asking you, creative people of the webz, to help me. Can you help me? Any idea is appreciated!

btw, I'm looking for not movie-related ideas as well. Suggestion on how to make fancy halloweenish snacks and other dishes par example ^_^


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My first hater?

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 13, 2012, 3:42 AM

My comic is being published on this website. And today some guy wrote:

''fullstendig talentløs og 100% uten humor. kan med fordel fjernes.''

which means something like this:

''completely devoid of talent and 100 % without humor. This could very well be removed from the site''

He's such a cutie-pie xD It is also strange that he would write that on today's strip. Which is by far my most popular one.

But yeah, there's this 'like' button under the strip. wouldn't it be cool if I got a ton of likes on it today?


Help me out if you want to ^_^


btw: No hating on the guy please c':

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Ideas for halloween?

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 10, 2012, 10:40 AM

Halloween is coming up soon...ish. But I have no idea what to dress up as x-x
So I'm writing this journal to ask you, my beans, for ideas. It can be anythin'. A made up monster, a kool movie/comic/TV-series character. Anythang. If one of them ideas is good, and I end up making that costume for halloween, I will reward the person behind the idea with some very sweet gift art! ^__^

So do you have ideas for me?


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Devious Journal Entry

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 26, 2012, 4:52 PM

Hello Jellybelliez

Sorry for seeming dead. I aint. I've just been moving to a new city. I'm finally an adult it seems! Havin' my own place and everything. My place is great. It's officially the smallest place in town but that's ok. What sucks is that I have to pay about 900 $ a month to live there. For a room that is 5 square meters. I also have  a tiny kitchen and a tiny bathroom that I share with two others...Welcome to norway mutha uckas!

In other news...My comic 'gelé', norwegian for 'jelly', is doing good. Atm it is being printed in norway's second largest tabloid newspaper, as well as a monthly comic magazine called nemi. You can actually read it online here: [link]

Just scroll down and you'll see it! c:

Also my second childrens book is bein' published this autumn! (Have I written about this before I wonder? o-o) Anywayz, I'm not the author, just the illustrator.

Hopefully I'll get more active on here soon.

Oh and, I forgot to say why I've moved. It's because I'm now a student! At the university of Bergen! computer sciences! Don't ask me why


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i'm a celebritah! Also: livestream?

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 11, 2012, 10:19 AM

It's strange to buy a magazine just randomly because there's an article about a TV-series in it... And end up reading about yourself. I was mentioned in this article about swedish comic creatin' ladies. In the article they interviewed a norwegian journalist. At one point she started talking about norwegian comic creatin' ladies, and suddenly she went all: blabla bla well I and many others have great expectations for Ida Eva Neverdahl, who became world famous with her comic-short story 'like an artist', which has been printed in the Nemi magazine, and is nominated for the sproing award this year blbblabla
'tis cool and flattering. Especially because she makes me sound much more awesome than I am xD  World famous? pff.
But it makes me wonder if people have written about me elsewhere without me knowing o-o

In other news, I was thinking about trying this livestreamin-business. Would you be interested in that? Because I don't want to sit there forever alone drawing and talkin' to myself on the livestream. I do that enough already. I need audience! Will you be my audience jellybeans? Will you? ó__ò

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Journal Entry: Sun Jun 3, 2012, 11:27 AM

tomorrow I'll be finished with my math exam...

No more math

brace youselves

art is coming

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Ask me questions!

Journal Entry: Wed May 30, 2012, 5:43 AM

So I was thinking. What if I make a FAQ? (or...something FAQ-ish)
comic style?
Which means that I'll let you ask me questions in dis journal.
And then I'll make a hooge comic later answering them all. What do you think about that?

Ask me anything. This is your chance to explore the mystery that is jellyvampire. Like: How do you like your eggs? is your cat real or fake? Are you a cyborg? Have you ever been to france? What is the meaning of life? this is your chance to get all them answers!

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Norwegians. Are any of you going to oslo comics expo?
I think I am.
So will I be seeing any of you there? c:
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Ehm, actually I don't have any more ideas for gifs :C But I made one of me partyin with unicorns. If you want more of them gifs, what should I make next?
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Vote for russia in eurovision. Srsly. If those grannies win it will be like a unicorn laid eggs inside me, and the eggs hatched and the tiny baby unicorns burst their way out of mah belly on a shimmering rainbow: Amazing

They clearly have the best song, and the most sexeh performance, so why not vote for them?
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I posted an animated gif of me puking rainbows?
It's not done yet, but just asking

You should say no because or else imma go on a roll with this animated gif-makin'. And when I start rollin' I aint stoppin'
Next thing you know I'll be making animated gifs of myself partyin with unicorns, just a warning
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I posted an animated gif of me growing a moustache?

Edit: It has been done [link]
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a contest? :3

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 25, 2012, 4:04 AM

I wanted to see how my new journal skin looks on my page ^__^

Oh and just to write something interesting here: I'm thinking of holding a contest soon.  I'm going to post more info later c: But what I can say is that it is related to this comic:  [link]

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EDIT: Ørjan is gone! Gone forever! o-o Thank you [link]!!

Hi! I have a poroblem. Not related to art. And I hope someone can help me, because this problem is slowly driving me insane o-o
I don't know what happened, but suddenly my mac was taken over by this voice-thing (I'm the master of explaining, am I not?) Which means that whenever I click at something, a voice tells me exactly what I just did or clicked on. Sometimes it even tells me what I'm writing >_< Does any of you know what this is, and how I can turn it off? I have a mac btw..

I feel like a noob. But the voice guy has been around for two weeks now! Or more. I've named him ørjan, because he reminds me of another annoying person I knew called ørjan.

help me get rid of ørjan please? ;____;
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Of the 31,000,000+ deviatons submitted on da in 2011
Mine was among the ten most popular xD

Well I guess all I can say is...
Penguins :I

And thank you to everyone who faved, commented, wrote critiques, shared, etc. !
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What should I draw
for the last
and most important
Advent calendar pic? Ö-Ö

Give me you sweet juicy suggestions! And I will eat them like omnomnom and create something magical *-*
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I'm writing lots of journals lately. Random journals that doesn't really make much sense xD Buut this time I have something important to say:  That I've gotten myself a job! A quite exciting one too ^^ In a company called 'Arctic Base' c: ( You should like our page on fb! [link])

I'm working as a graphic designer, and we have some sweet projects going on already, even if the company has only been i existence for maybe... two weeks? xD

Yeah. I don't know if we will ever get super rich from this, but who knows? c: It's fun to be a part of at least.
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Amg, it's so cold at my school -___- I just want to go home and put on all my clothes x____x But on the bright side, we have snow! And very nice snow too. It's very uh... kram... Which means that it's nice for making stuff. Like snow-wolves ^_^

This is kindof a random journal :I But I just want to say that I really want a kitten, all of a sudden. Just look at this guy: [link] Look at him!! >:I It feels like if I don't get a kitten I will die. So yeah, I'm probably going to die soon, due to lack of kittens. Because my mom will never let me get a kitten -__- I think I shall draw a comic for my mom, telling her why I deserve this kitten. Maybe you could support me with pictures? Maybe I should send a letter to the prime minister telling him about how my mom is evil and don't care if I die from kittenless-ness? o__o

Kittens!!! O_____O
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It's snowing outside!

Will I be able to go skiing soon? *_*
Tomorrow ahm going to oslo ^-^ da capital of norway yay!

But I'm kind of sad for this too.
One of my favourite, favourite bands are signing their new album in stavanger(where I live) on saturday -___- I'm home in stavanger 80 % of the year. Why did you choose this weekend to sign albums kaizers, whyyyy!?
Something that could've been amazing is that they're actually signing in oslo tomorrow.
But sadly they're signing stuff there three hours before I arrive... So they prbly wont be there when I arrive Dx

Kaizers-rant over :'I

Hmm what more to write here... Uhm eh.
Nothing really.

Other than that I am tired of winter already xD I fail at being norwegian because I can't handle cold very well. I wan't to move to someplace warmer next year, when I'm finished with high school. Maybe somewhere in southern france, like nice. Or in northern spain. I'd also like to stydu art while I'm at it. Do any of you know someplace that is fairly warm (not tropical, just warm) and has a good school where I can study? c:


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