The History of Final Fantasy

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The evil one behind the mayhem is Zemus, a dread force sealed away ages below the surface of the moon. Once Cecil uses the Crystal to unleash Zemus's true form, the player comes face-to-face with the ominous Zeromus: a creature with pustulated skin, foul breath, razor-sharp teeth, and an awesome musical theme.

The Big Secret
The Big Secret: In the Japanese copy of Final Fantasy IV, you can find a Secret Programmers' Room in the bowels of King Giotto's castle. Here, you can converse with the programmers, fight the designers, meet the musicians, and search the bookshelves for the most exciting item in the entire game: the Porno Book. Use it, and the screen turns red while Calcobrena's music plays....

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The Bigger Secret: This secret is so rare and hard to find that many gamers considered it an impossibility when it was first discovered. In a room in the final dungeon (Lunar Subteraen, Level 5, far right), there is a room with a rare enemy called a Pink Puff. The odds of meeting a Pink Puff are 1 in 64. Once one defeats the Pink Puff, one has a 1 in 64 chance of acquiring the rarest item in the entire game: the Pink Tail. Take the Pink Tail back to Earth and trade it for the Adamant Armor. Now, even the most powerful attacks will only do 1-2 damage!

The Biggest Secret: The US version of Final Fantasy IV is not the same as the Japanese version. Many items, areas, and even character skills were removed from the US version to make it "easier" for US gamers. Needless to say, many American gamers were upset by this "dumbing down" of their favorite RPG. But all is not lost! The elements were not actually removed--only hiding, or "dummied" out. Using a Game Genie and the correct codes, one can reclaim what was once lost. Sacrifice a party member for a greater cause with Last Hope! Summon a Cocatrice to turn opponents to stone! The possibilities are endless.

The Game
Final Fantasy IV introduced the mainstay of Square's future games: the "Active Time Battle System." This system injects the traditional turn-based system with urgency and excitement. Party members and enemies attack and are attacked simultaneously. Time stops for no man--especially not the man with three HP remaining. In Final Fantasy IV, each character has a class that matches their personality and innate skills unique to their class. Combined with the new dynamic party system, players have to constantly adjust their battle plans as characters join and leave the group.

The History
Final Fantasy IV, while successful in the US, sold nowhere near the multi-million copies of its Japanese counterpart. Nevertheless, the game was a major turning point for the series, both in direction and importance. Final Fantasy IV was the first game of the series to make plot more than merely a series of strung-together events. The abundant character development and dialogue signified the more cinematic direction the series would take. The added power of the Super Nintendo made Final Fantasy IV the first game to truly "wow" the player with stunning graphics and sound - features that would soon become a series highlight.

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