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Romani, Sinte

A language of Serbia

ISO 639-3rmo

Population  31,000 in Serbia. 30,000 Serbian, 1,000 Manouche. Population total all countries: 318,920.
Region  Kosovo. Also in Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, Montenegro, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Switzerland.
Alternate names   Rommanes, Sinte, Sinti
Dialects  Abbruzzesi, Slovenian-Croatian Romani, Serbian Romani. Croatian, Slovenian, and Serbian Romani speakers understand each other. Possibly quite distinct from German varieties. Sinte is characterized by German influence. Not intelligible with Vlax Romani [rmy]. A Gypsy language.
Classification  Indo-European, Indo-Iranian, Indo-Aryan, Central zone, Romani, Northern
A member of macrolanguage Romany [rom] (Romania).
Language development  Grammar. Bible portions: 1875–2001.
Writing system  Latin script.
Comments  ‘Rommanes’ is the self-name. Ethnic group: Sasítka Romá. Christian.

Also spoken in:


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Population  4,350 in Austria (2001 census).
Alternate names  Rommanes, Sinte, Sinti
Comments  Christian.

Czech Republic

Language name   Romani, Sinte
Population  5,100 in Czech Republic (2004).
Alternate names  Rommanes, Sinte, Sinti, Tsigane
Dialects  Lallere.
Comments  Lallere ancestors came from the Czech Republic. Ethnic group: Sasítka Romá. Christian.


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Population  28,400 in France (2000).
Alternate names  Rommanes, Sinti, Tsigane
Dialects  Manouche (Manuche, Manush).
Comments  Ethnic group: Sasítka Romá. Christian.


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Population  80,000 in Germany (2000). Ethnic population: 200,000.
Region  Hamburg; colonies south.
Alternate names  Rommanes, Sinte, Sintí, Ziguener
Dialects  Gadschkene, Estracharia, Krantiki, Kranaria, Eftawagaria, Praistiki.
Language use  Vigorous. All ages.
Comments  Seminomadic. Christian.


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Population  14,000 in Italy (1980). 10,000 Manouche, 4,000 Slovenian-Croatian.
Region  North.
Dialects  Piedmont Sintí, Slovenian-Croatian, Manouche.
Comments  Christian.


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Region  Kazakhstan (formerly Volga area until 1941).
Alternate names  Manouche, Manuche, Sinti, Tsigane
Comments  Ethnic group: Sasítka Romá. Christian.


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Population  1,220 in Netherlands (2000).
Dialects  Manouche.
Language use  Official language.
Comments  Christian.


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Alternate names  Sinti, Tsigane
Dialects  Manuche (Manouche).
Comments  Ethnic group: Sasítka Romá. Christian.


Language name   Romani, Sinte
Population  21,000 in Switzerland (Johnstone 1993).
Comments  Christian.

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