Romney Owned Voting Machines Get Software Patches Days Before Election

Nov. 2, 2012 The fact that corporations including Bain Capital and a relative (son) of one of the candidates has ownership of electronic voting machines with poor records is alarming even the most solid of voters.

The Nov. 6th election has been fraught with voter fraud from the Republican party under the direction of Karl Rove, who consistently has hired a fraud company owned by Nathan Sproul since the 2000 election.  Nathan Sproul is under investigation in Florida and 10 other swing states that he operates a voter registration drive for republicans and has been cited many times for voter fraud against the democrats.

Proof that US Election Rigging Is a Reality 

2004 John Kerry Election Rigging in Ohio- The exit polls indicated that in Ohio all day long Democrat John Kerry was in the lead and exit polls are more accurate than voting machines.

Mysteriously after midnight the vote count switched in favor of George W. Bush who was trailing in the Ohio polls before the election.  The exit polls showed Kerry should have received 67% of the vote but instead he only received 38% which did not match up with the Exit Polls.

Republican Owned Corporate Voting Machines and Software 2012 Election

1) Candidate Romney owns voting machines thru HART Intercivic owned by Bain Capital, Tagg Romney which was purchased in 2011 a year before the national election. This in itself should be a red flag, especially in Ohio where the Hart Intercivic machines will be in use November 6th, 2012.

2) The fact that the networks are Dropping Exit Polls is Part of the Rigging of 2012 Election

Exit polls are the best indicator of election results, better than the electronic voting machines.
Why is the AP and other media dropping exit polls in 19 states for the first time in history in this election?

Chuck Hagal Owned Electronic Voting Machines for a Win in Nebraska 1996 and 2000

For the first time in 18 years a republican won the Nebraska US Senate seat who also showed to be trailing Democrat Ben Nelson who was elected by a landslide several years earlier.

Then the polls mysteriously showed Hagal to be in a dead heat  with Nelson with a 47% tie, before the election. It was unknown at the time by voters or the public,  that Hagal was a chairman for the company that owned the electronic voting machines called ESS -Election Systems and Software which was called at the time American Information Systems.  Here you have a republican candidate owning a voting machine company.

2002  Georgia-  Diebold Voting Machines Gives Win to Saxby Chamblis

In Georgia it was the Diebold’s voting machines which is known for errors, miscounts that reported Democrat Max Cleland had lost. As this election drew closer the two campaigns narrowed again a tip off that an impending switch is to occur. Suddenly, Saxby Chambliss a republican won by 7 points, and Cleland accused the voting machine owner Diebold for a mysterious patch to the 5,000 Georgia voting machines was applied to rig the election.

Op-Ed News Quote: Mysterious Illegal- Patches in Voting Machine-Software Before the Election

“In a video interview with VR, Hood has stated that, not long before Election Day, he was ordered by Bob Urosevich, president of Diebold’s voting-machine division (and a self-proclaimed GOP partisan) to place illegal software patches on hundreds of voting machines in the Democratic-leaning counties of Fulton and DeKalb.  Hood, and the other Diebold employees involved in that stealth operation, were told not to discuss these patches with any state officials. Documents provided to VR by Hood show that Cathy Cox, then Georgia’s Secretary of State, had no knowledge of those patches at the time.

Quote: From the Trenches World Report:

“Cleland lost by seven points. In his 2009 autobiography, he accused computerized voting machines of being ‘ripe for fraud.’ Patched for fraud might have been more apt. In the month leading up to the election, Diebold employees, led by Bob Urosevich, applied a mysterious, uncertified software patch to 5,000 voting machines that Georgia had purchased in May.”

Ohio 2012 Mysterious Patches: Nov. 2, 2012

When you have a republican controlled state such as Ohio, where voter suppression has already threatened the democracy of the Ohio vote by curbing voter hours in democrat counties, by requiring voter ID in democrat counties, it is not a stretch to consider the hacking of voting machines for a win for Mitt Romney.

NOTE:  ***

Software patches are the ideal way to rig the outcome of an election, and if this malicious software fix can be used to correlate with the polls (within one or two points of the margin of error) the votes can be flipped.

This is usually done at the last minute like in 2004 when Bush mysteriously gained the greatest number of votes in Ohio, again the results did not match the exit polls the day of the Election.

This alert comes from the Free Press  Nov. 2, 2012 that the same mysterious software patches have been installed into Ohio voting machines in Democratic districts only.

Quote: “The Free Press has obtained internal memos from the senior staff of the Ohio Secretary of State’s office confirming the installation of untested and uncertified election tabulation software. Yesterday, the Free Press reported that “experimental” software patches were installed on ES&S voting machines in 39 Ohio counties. (see Will “experimental” software patches affect the Ohio vote?).”

These patches are “experimental uncertified and untested” a high risk for altering the vote which has been the republican method of rigging the vote have been installed in 39 counties in Ohio.

Senior staff in Ohio claim that the software patches did not need to be examined -however these systems are not certified or tested!!

Alarm bells are ringing already in Ohio and other swing states where Romney owns the voting machines.

ESS Machines in Ohio in 2004  - A Repeat of Untested Software in 2012

In the 2004 election the same “software patches” were installed in Columbus and Cleveland machines in 44 counties, this year its 39 counties. The 2004 election results were suspiciously altered to favor Bush when Kerry was leading in the exit polls -all day long.

In this election 2012, the ESS has installed patches again, which will affect 4 million votes in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio machines, remember these are untested, experimental “patches” that do not require state certification nor federal certification.

A Big Gapping Hole in The Integrity of the Vote- That Needs Investigation Now

Something the Dept of Justice had better get a handle on in a big hurry, or the FBI to do some real tracing and interception of these voting machines, the databases and any hacking that has already been pre-installed in Ohio voting machines.

This election has been infected with voter fraud from the start from throwing Democrat ballots away in Colorado, Virginia and Florida by Nathan Sproul and the GOP to now owning and hacking the electronic voting machines in key states.

Updated: Nov. 2, 2012

The software patches in Ohio can/ have been applied by the Romney- Hart Intercivic machines already.

Plus, Triad GSI – Triad Governmental Services is a company based in Xenia, Ohio is run by a small family who are evangelical faith based republican supporters who are known as the Rapp family.

The Rapp family are in charge of maintaining the voter registration system -check out the 2008 Video:


The Rapp Family was involved as Stephen Spoonamore a cyber security expert indicates that in a banking investigation, showed in Ohio that Triad In Ohio pulled out hard drives before an investigation.
In other words, the Rapp Family cleaned their tracks, as Spoonamore indicates the only motive to change out hard drives is to cover something up.

Did he believe the Rapp Family was covering something up? YES. YES.