Basshunter salute (Pic:TP)

Basshunter's salute (Pic:TP)

Barmy Basshunter throws up a shocking Nazi-style salute in a picture that will appal his pals.

His ex-lover Emely Ljungqvist also makes the vile gesture.

A close friend of the DJ and singer-songwriter - real name Jonas Altberg - said: "Everyone is stunned.

"I can only assume he was just mucking about and got carried away. I've certainly never heard him make a racist remark let alone give a Hitler salute."

Jonas, 25, became a hit with BB viewers when he cosied up to Katia Ivanova, 21-year-old Russian waitress ex of Rolling Stone Ronnie Wood.

Last Thursday the madcap Swede dressed escort girl-style in stockings and a blonde wig for a party thrown by fellow contestant Stephen Baldwin, 43. Pals fear the salute picture was leaked in an attempt to smear the star, who had a UK number one in 2008 with Now You're Gone.

Other photos taken at the same time about four years ago show him in a reversed baseball cap, enjoying a 24-pack of Hansa Norwegian lager. One friend said: "This isn't good for his image."

Emely, who dated Jonas for four years, said: "There is nothing to say about the picture."




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