Tomos Book on Organized Hate Crime

Subtitle:  International Organized Hate Crime Based on Perceived Psychiatric Disability

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If you are a witness to a crime or a victim of a crime, of which no evidence is left other than your testimony, the author of the crime does not have to kill you in order to perfect the crime.  Indeed, your sudden death or disappearance will naturally raise law enforcement’s suspicion.  A crime syndicate can provide a service of perfecting the crime by undermining your psychological credibility:  systematic stalking and clandestinely invisible assaults by a multitude of conspiring individuals can be strategically engineered to make your experience resemble either the diagnostic description of persecutory delusional disorder or paranoid schizophrenia.

The psychologically discrediting techniques of clandestinely organized stalking assaults include repeated non-lethal poisoning and toxic gassing (of your residence), and assaults committed with classified electro-magnetic (alternatively called psychotronic) weapons, some of which damage internal organs without leaving visible mark of injury (the development of these beam weapons now marks emerging global weaponry competition among nation-states, especially Russia, rendering global nuclear weapon competition obsolete).

As you complain about the above course of clandestine stalking assaults to the police, you will have a psychiatric warning posted in Spectrum Justice System (the police’s cutting-edge database which systematically compiles incident reports, arrest and warrant records and criminal records).  Concomitantly, organized perjury is intricately orchestrated in order to subject you to community policing, which structurally deprives you of the right to defense and portrays you as a public threat but not as a victim.  Community policing enables the crime syndicate to join the police’s effort to keep you under surveillance, and, by so doing, to further infiltrate into and to sabotage the police discursively by using you as bait.

The enterprise of perfecting a crime is expedient if you already have the history of psychiatric treatment (including PTSD, depression, anxiety disorder) or that of traumatic head injury.  Inversely, the desirable client of this crime perfection service is a professional who will form mutually advantageous partnership to expand diverse and sophisticated enterprises of the syndicate—such as a lawyer (who can advise how to exploit legal loopholes), a banker (who can advise how to launder money), and a doctor (who can advise how to maim and murder without leaving medical evidence).

Moreover, psychiatric discrimination practiced by the police grants solid impunity to those who gain a sense of self-worth and gratification by controlling and destroying the disenfranchisedthe mental state of lust for domination (while committing a criminal action), which ought to be classified as the guiltiest in determining punishment.

In a book titled The Invisible Maiming Torture Enterprise of Organized Stalking Assaults, the author’s first-person testimonial narrative of surviving such organized hate violence (based on psychiatric discrimination) to this date attempts to reveal sophisticatedly calculated immanent manipulations of social fabric deployed in the course of such organized perfect crime.

By infiltrating into every sector of society with which you interact (thereby increasingly accumulating wide-ranging social capital/network),  international criminal organizations clandestinely augment the invisible sphere of manipulative influence based on post-structural infiltration.

Once the system of comprehensive social infiltration is set in place by constantly subjecting at least one person to organized stalking in every municipality across the globe, international criminal organizations are equipped to track down and assault (as a punishment) fleeing victims of international sex slavery, whom these organizations attempt to keep under constant surveillance and global control.  Organized stalking assaults also enable crime syndicate members to constantly and perpetually partake in the prospective punishment for breaking the oath of Omerta, thereby potentially functioning as crime families’ hidden proactive countermeasures to undermine the federal Witness Security Program.



Chapter One:    At the Inception of Scapegoating………..…..1

  1. Psychiatric discrimination primordially crystallized in the production of a desire to target and to abuse the psychiatrically wounded
  2. The conflation technology of psychiatric discrimination

Chapter Two:     Globally Tracked and Tortured………….32

Chapter Three:   Arrival in Ithaca, New York…..………….54

Chapter Four:     Whence Comes Truth?.75

Chapter Five:       The Anatomy of Organized Stalking Assaults:

Objectives and Methods.101

  1. The parallels between the characteristic features of organized crime and those of organized stalking assaults
  2. The categorization of perpetrators
  3. Organized stalking assaults as the post-structural infiltration method for clandestinely augmenting the sphere of manipulative influence
  4. Organized stalking assaults as a system to control and punish the fleeing members of criminal organizations and fleeing human-trafficking victims
  5. The Darwinian decomposition of the administration of justice
  6. Organized stalking assaults as a scapegoat ritual of socio-psychiatric objectification used to maintain the absolute obedience among the soldiers of the Mafia
  7. The global dissemination of the techniques of organized stalking assaults developed by the Ministry for State Security of East Germany

Chapter Six:       Medical Corruption…..………….……127

Chapter Seven:  The Neutralized Police…….…….……..…138

  1. Manipulative technique to incriminate the scapegoat by deploying her neighbors
  2. Organized perjury: the criminal organization’s clandestine technique to manipulate the police
  3. Psychiatric discrimination practiced by the police

Chapter Eight:     Surviving Electromagnetic Torture..161

Total Pages:  190

Length x Width x Depth:  9.0 x 6.0 x 0.4 (inches)

Weight:  0.8 pounds

Format/Binding:  paperback

ISBN-13:  978-1466486515

ISBN-10:  1-466-48651-1

Library of Congress Control Number:  2011961910


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