Carolyn Hax

Wife’s concern for father may be unhealthy

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Her ‘guidance’ over the phone appears overbearing, and her husband sees potential for abuse.

A wedding, not a political statement

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A gay couple would like guests to give to their chosen charity. Is there a proper way to express this sentiment?

A relationship exit strategy

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Whether new to the dating scene or a veteran, the advice is the same: Be honest about your feelings and what you want.

To Grandmom, lone grandson’s a king

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Carolyn Hax advises a woman whose mother-in-law favors her stepson while ignoring her young daughter.

Rediscovering first love was great, but there’s some concerns

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Carolyn Hax counsels a woman, who after ending an abusive marriage of 40 years, is having second thoughts about the new relationship she’s in.

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Hints From Heloise: Bra-strap blues

A reader sounds off on bra-strap adjusters: Why are they in the back when you need the bra on to adjust it?

Save money on air fresheners

Hints From Heloise | A few cotton balls infused with essential oil, strategically placed around a room, can work wonders.

Hints From Heloise: Stop the marketing calls

How to put your number on the Do Not Call Registry.

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Miss Manners: Grab the leftovers and run!

Miss Manners shares unappetizing displays of Thanksgiving pettiness.

Miss Manners: Introducing stepmom requires her name, not a title

You needn’t call her your stepmother, Miss Manners says, but you do need to acknowledge her relationship.

Miss Manners: Woman back in dating game gets unpleasant surprise

How should she respond to alleged compliments about her body?

Miss Manners: Thanksgiving host could use more help

The Gentle Reader’s mother accommodates many tastes; how to best ease her burden?

Miss Manners: Politely assert your right to read amid idle chatter

Chatty medical aides are probably trying to relieve a patient’s anxiety; the Gentle Reader just wishes they wouldn’t.

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Ask Amy: Carpool diva scores no points with this mom

Teenage twittiness is one thing, but truly toxic behavior should not be tolerated.

Ask Amy: Teenager wants folks to trust about drugs

Are this student’s parents going overboard with their drug suspicions?

Stronger marriage could help save son

ASK AMY | His second marriage was happy until his stepson started falling apart.

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Schnauzer’s dry corneas can lead to blindness

There are many causes and predispositions, such as breed and being spayed, that can contribute to dogs developing a chronic deficiency of aqueous tear secretion.

Animal Doctor

Cleaning cats’ and dogs’ teeth without anesthesia; cats seem to know which diet is best for them.

Think free birds, not free cats

I am very much opposed to letting cats go free outdoors unless they enter a bird- and escape-proof enclosure.

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Hax Philes

Hax Philes

DISCUSSION GROUP | Carolyn taps into her inbox, so you can be Hax, too.

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@Work Advice

@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

@Work Advice: Those infernal ‘internships’

Sorting out legitimate programs from free-labor scams

@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

@Work Advice: Rules of disengagement

A ‘gentleman’ caller who won’t stop calling is no gentleman.

@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

@Work Advice: Is there a grown-up in the office?

Feeling down about being dissed; reining in the use of the r-word.

@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)

@Work Advice: Blowing the whistle on a racist retaliator

Should a reader complain to Human Resources about a vindictive boss’s racist joke?

@Work Advice columnist Karla Miller (DEB LINDSEY/FOR THE WASHINGTON POST)


Family Almanac

Brain over belt

A grandmother cringes when her stressed-out daugher hits her 4-year-old with a belt.

When he loves her not

How to help a 14-year-old in the throes of unrequited love.

Mother for life

Your kids will grow up and might have kids, but you’ll always be a mom.


Red and blue in the family

The lessons your kids learn this election season should be nonpartisan.

Stop Bullying campaign asks kids to stand up for other kids

How peer pressure can be a good thing.

The 5 percent solution

About 95 percent of what we do as parents is a necessary grind; it’s the other 5 percent that really matters.

Date Lab

Date Lab: Gangnam style? Vamanos!

Heeeyyyy, sexy lady. ... This week’s blind date comes with a side of “Gangnam Style.”

Date Lab: Adventures of Captain Oblivious and Supercop

It’s all fun and games ... until the cops show up.

Date Lab: West meets East?

Two West Coast minds connect on an East Coast date.

Date Lab: After experiencing a loss, will dating be a gain?

A widower jumps back in the dating pool. Will he sink or swim?

The great bathroom disappearing act

Date Lab | She heads to the bathroom...and never comes back.