The CEA Forum underwent a redesign in 2008. Issues 34.1 (Winter/Spring 2005) through 36.2 (Summer/Fall 2007) can be found here.


The CEA Forum

The CEA Forum is the online peer-reviewed journal of teaching and learning for the College English Association. It publishes praxis-oriented articles that address pedagogical theory, classroom practice, and opinions about the profession of teaching college English. It is our hope that the journal will reflect the wide and varied interests of the CEA membership. To that end, we welcome pieces that examine the fields of literature, rhetoric/composition, technical communication, creative writing, theory, and pedagogy; further, we encourage pieces that look at these not necessarily as discrete areas of specialization, but that look at the ways these fields intersect and the practical connections that can be made among them. The CEA Forum is now published online twice annually (January and August).

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