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CADET is basically a program for calibration and deconvolution of astronomical images in FITS, BMP and JPEG formats. See a screenshot .

CADET is a graphical processor with powerful functions and in continuous evolution. Additionally to calibration and deconvolution , it has a variety of graphic functions such as:

· Dr. Okano’s Digital Development Process
· Brightness and contrast adjustment
· Histogram functions (equalize, logarithm, exponential, gamma correction)
· Sharp and blur filters
· Unsharp masking
· Image statistics
· Color support, with the following functions:
    · Color combine of B&W images
    · Split a color image in its color components
    · Color to B&W conversion
· Image mirroring
· Image rotation
· Negative display of images
· Image resize
· Image creation from rectangles in other images.
· FITS, BMP and JPEG file management
· Multiple image management
· Language selection
· Help

I have considered to publish test, beta versions of the program in the web. I have not done this due to several reasons:

    · Not too much space available (I am using free web services).
    · It seems that there are not too many people interested in CADET, so publishing beta versions doesn't seem to be very useful.
    · Some friends and myself extensively test the program before publishing it (although there is always the chance of overlooking something, as you can see).

Thanks to Jordan Russell and his very fine Inno Setup program, CADET installation and uninstallation is now automatic.

CADET is freeware. It was developed by Oscar Contreras with DJGPP compiler (DJ Delorie) using also RSXNTDJ 1.3.1 extension - Copyright (c) by Rainer Schnitker 1995-1997 (all rights reserved).

You can get the DJGPP compiler in server, directory pub/simtelnet/gnu/djgpp or in any of its mirrors.

This product includes software developed by the University of California, Berkeley and its contributors.

JPEG file handling in CADET software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.

Free and unrestricted CADET use and distribution is encouraged for non trade purposes.

Most of the contents in this web page comes from CADET on line documentation, with some minor modifications.

Send your comments, bug reports and positive critizism to: Oscar Contreras

CADET V1.0 (August 4th, 2000) Initial version.
CADET V1.1 (August 28th, 2000). New features:
- Negative of image
- Additional option: registration on a reference star
- Flip image horizontally and vertically
- Rotate image 90º and 180º
- Minor improvements to deconvolution operation
- Automatic installation (SETUP.EXE)
- Help button added to dialog boxes
- Help for additional functions
- Online help modified accordingly. Some wording corrected.
CADET V1.2 (November 12th, 2000). New Features:
- Image dimensions are now indicated
- Color support with the following fuctions:
    - Bitmap file support
    - Color to B&W conversion
    - Split color images into its 3 color components
    - Color combine of B&W images
- Dr. Okano's Digital Development Process
- Minor changes in the FILE menu
- Cross hair cursor when mouse on an image window
- Arbitrary angle image rotation
- Align on two reference stars option
- Options added to calibration dialog: image confirmation, warning messages enabling/disabling and ask for reference star selection
- OK button defined as default in dialogs. ESC now acts as CANCEL
- Added additional application icons
- Online help modified accordingly
- Other minor improvements
CADET V1.21 (November 18th, 2000)
- Noise reduction optimization in the calibration process
- Important bug corrected when substracting dark frames
CADET V1.3 (January 20th, 2001)
- Sharp an blur filters
- Unsharp mask
- Image statistics
- New histogram functions: equalize, logarithmic, exponential, gamma correction
- Memory management and allocation is improved: now you can handle bigger images
- Option to use a gaussian PSF for deconvolution, either as best fit of selected star or directly defining it
- Deconvolution function simplified: the user has no need to perform initial actions to enable the deconvolution icon
- Noise definition enhanced for deconvolution
- Minor changes for menus and submenus
- The program is now started in a maximized window
CADET V1.31 (May 7th, 2002)
- CADET is now able to read multiple header FITS files (previously the program could only read single header FITS files). Thanks to Miguel Perianes for pushing me to do this.
- The "Convert color to B&W" function now assigns different weights to each color component, according to human eye sensibility to color perception. Thanks to Robert Stiles for his suggestion on this.
- The buffer to store image filenames has been increased, now allowing to specify a bigger number of images during calibration. I thought the previously buffer size was enough, but Erik Frank convinced me that a buffer increase was necessary
CADET V1.4 (February 8th, 2003)
- Undo option
- Image display speed improved
- Pixel repair function
- Area repair function
- Correct background function
- Median included in statistical output
- Minor bugs corrected
CADET V1.41 (February 11th, 2003)
- Some color algorithms modified. New results for color functions are often much better now.
CADET V1.50 (March 12th, 2003)
- Added JPEG file support
- Added print option
- Repair area function improved
- Improved FWHM calculation
- Added repair star function
- Resize now allows to change image aspect ratio
- Minor bugs corrected
- Minor additional enhancements
CADET V1.51 (March 15th, 2003)
- Print function improved
CADET V1.60 (March 19th, 2003)
- All functions except calibration function are now able to deal also with color images
CADET V1.70 (May 1st, 2003)
- New Sigma Clipping option in calibration
- Option to use bias and master dark frames in calibration
- Improved damping algorithm in Richardson-Lucy deconvolution (see Wichard L. White, 1994)
- Improved FWHM calculation
- Improved Chi square calculation
- Improved noise generation algorithm
- Noise reduction option in calibration no longer available, as it is not considered useful
- All application icons now available even when reducing the window size
PLANNED (keep tunned)
- Maybe handling Genesis camera

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Acknowledgements: Mariola, my always supportive wife; Hugo D. Valentim (with a  very nice freeware and shareware astronomy site ); - a nice astronomy site with lots of links and other facilities; Jordan Russel and his very fine Inno setup program ; NTO - Nuevas Tecnologías Observacionales (specially Jorge Garcia); José Muñoz Reales.

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