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Tim Concannon  |  3 posts

Tim Concannon writes about oil and Africa for publications including 'The Africa Report'. He spent most of the norties setting up this human rights organisation in the Niger Delta, Nigeria. He blogs about politics and midnight movies.

Don’t leave us this way

September 6, 2011

Red Wedge was an alliance of working class punks and aspirational, Face-reading suburbanites with a social conscience. From 1987, music and comedy tours helped to get Neil Kinnock elected Labour Prime Minister, almost. Labour-aligned celebrities failed to resist the rise of New Labour. The temptation is to consign Red Wedge to history along with memories [...]

3D Crash

August 3, 2011

This Summer, Hollywood takes the easy way out… A few months ago I sat in the pub opposite the British Museum where Karl Marx retreated after writing sessions. I was in the company of some friends from journalism and the anarchist squat scene in London. This was in early March, in the midst of protests [...]

Party Spirits: The Return of Midnight Movies

May 9, 2011

Too much coffee, dodgy venues, even dodgier films. Midnight movies are the invisible thread connecting the radicalism of the sixties, the anarchy of ’77, to Britain’s renaissance of dissent in the eighties. It’s high time we resumed these nocturnal séances with the ghosts in the last machine, the cinema projector. Even smiling makes my face [...]