One Of The Boys - Katy Perry
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  • Summary: Once upon a time a Christian rock singer, the now-pop singer releases her second album, produced by the likes of Butch Walker, Dr. Luke, Max Martin, Dave Stewart, and Greg Wells.
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  1. 70
    Perry's creative-writing-class punch lines don't always justify her self-congratulatory drag-queen tone. But she hiccups quirkily enough, and myriad big-name producers (from Dr. Luke to Glen Ballard) keep the new-wave synth hooks hopping
  2. 60
    Gwen Stefani should be nervous. [Oct 2008, p.105]
  3. Madonna and Perez Hilton may be fans, then, but if you've got even a passing interest in actually enjoying a record, don't buy this one.

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  1. MarieO
    My favorite album of 2008 and still waiting for another one that will match the quality and number of great songs that are on "One of the boys". I can't understand the hate against Katy Perry who is a deserving artist... from a christian family, to church singer, waitress in LA, almost broke, to finally making it to the top because of her great music and songs. She's my hero! Her story is very touching. Expand
  2. A good exception to all the other stupid pop stuff on the radio! Katy Perry has got a really nice voice and the sound is much more rocking than the usual (also you probably won't expect when you only heard the songs that got airplay). But there are many mistakes: She really overdoes the high- and low-singing and some songs aren't even catchy after hearing them three times. But still the album is a well-made and diversified Pop CD. Expand
  3. RicardoC
    Everything is wrong here. The concept, the music. Catchy enough to listen to it once or twice. And yes, she's got some style, but ultimately, she's an empty marketing product. Expand

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