Academic Governance Council


The Academic Governance Council (AGC) is MacEwan’s senior academic governance body. The Academic Governance Council is responsible for academic standards, integrity, policies, programs, as well as scholarship, research and creative activities at Grant MacEwan University. For further information, see the Bylaws of the Academic Governance Council.

Membership of the Academic Governance Council consists of: the President, the Provost and Executive Vice President Academic, 26 faculty members elected by Faculties/Schools, five student members elected by the students, seven senior officials (four Deans, the Vice-President Student Services, Vice-President of Finance and Administration, and Chief Librarian), two staff elected by staff members, and an alumna representative.



Looking for the Faculty Standards Committee (FSC) link? On October 23, 2012, the Academic Governance Council approved renaming FSC to University Rank and Title Committee.

Policy Manual

Academic Policies can be accessed on the Board of Governors webpage.

 AGC Orientation Manual
AGC and Committee Nominations