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In-phone ticket

In-Phone Ticket is a convenient solution for city transport users. With SkyCash you no longer need to carry change with you, nor is it necessary to look for a place to get some change or buy your ticket from the bus driver. With your mobile having Internet access tickets can be purchased anywhere and anytime.

To become a SkyCash user just type into your mobile browser or send a blank text message on 510 510 205. Alternatively, when registering here send the link to the application onto your mobile device.

Use of the system is free and tickets purchased via our SkyCash application cost the same as those you purchase from a ticket office or ticket machine. If requested by the ticket inspector, present the display with the ‘Ticket Check’ folder?? open, where all data concerning your ticket are available for inspection.

Our strategic partner in the scope of public transport transactions on the entire territory of Poland is Mennica Polska S.A – Polish leader in city systems.


Download SkyCash to your phone

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