Windows 8 Ads in Apps

Windows 8 presents exciting new opportunities – not only for advertisers, but for developers as well. Developers can use advertising to monetize their applications while presenting a rich, immersive advertising experience to their users – and an engaging app can attract an audience advertisers will pay to reach.

The benefits of Windows 8 Ads in Apps (AiA) for developers are clear:

  • Implementing ads into your app is easy.
  • The app could be seen and used by millions of consumers.
  • Premier media brands such as Bing, MSN, Xbox, and Skype offer AiA opportunities.

Download the new Windows 8 Ads in Apps SDK today to get started.

Get Started in three Easy Steps with Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8

  1. Download the Microsoft Advertising SDK for Windows 8.
  2. Review the developer documentation.
  3. Experiment and learn which ad types, sizes, and experiences are best for your app.


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