Devtome is an open source wiki where the contributors earn devcoins by writing. There are no notability requirements for the wiki, only the usual no malware, porn or scammy stuff.

To stop scammers, new writers have to contact me to request an account. The request should include a link to your posts or blog or wiki, or your biography, or at least 50 words of your first article. The message should be sent to Jasinlee on the the bitcoin forum. If you are porting your own article, you have to show that you have the rights to your contribution.

All contributions to devtome are considered to be released under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (wikipedia license). You are welcome to contribute stuff from your own website or blog, you just have to show that you have the rights to whatever you're contributing, or the original license is compatible with the ShareAlike license.

If you base on article on a wikipedia article, you must make significant changes and add an attribution section.

When adding a new article, please link to it from the 'Latest' section below. Later, someone will add it to the link tree of the 'Topics' section. The Topics section is organized like the Open Directory Project.





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