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Porsche 911

Episode 0: Porsche 911

The Porsche 911 is an automotive beauty. While the redesign of its 7th generation model looks similar, it is virtually brand new in terms of size, design and performance.

Lamborghini Aventador

Episode 0: Lamborghini Aventador

A decade after releasing its last flagship model, Lamborghini reveals a car with a top speed of 350 kmh and improved handling. Find out why only four of the Aventador supercars can be made in a day.

Ferrari FF

Episode 0: Ferrari FF

As Ferrari rolls out its first vehicle with four-wheel-drive, four seats and one of the most powerful engines ever built, the factory team introduces strenuous checks to ensure the car’s quality.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Sunday, 2 December 4:30pm
Corvette ZR1

Episode 0: Corvette ZR1

Take a rare look at the production of the ZR1, a genuine American supercar. It is the fastest, most powerful, and most expensive Corvette ever built and can compete against Europe’s best.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Friday, 30 November 11:30pm
Saturday, 1 December 10:30am

Episode 0: Pagani

What makes a car worth a million Euros? The answer for Horacio Pagani is a supercar with unsurpassed power, performance, luxury, and the finest possible raw materials resembling a work of art.


Episode 0: Mustang

Ford’s breath-taking Mustang factory is designed to produce 4 different models of the original pony car, from the basic V6 to the most powerful V8 built anywhere in the world.

Tesla Model S

Episode 0: Tesla Model S

With fossil fuels becoming increasingly sparse, Tesla is trying to change the way we commute by introducing the world's first fully electric premium sedan – the Tesla Model S.

Lexus LFA

Episode 0: Lexus LFA

Lexus has long been synonymous with quiet luxury but that’s all about to change. Going from 0 to 100 kilometres per hour in less than four seconds, the new Lexus LFA is anything but understated.

Nissan GT-R

Episode 0: Nissan GT-R

The rule-breaking and revolutionary Nissan GT-R competes with the big boys from the supercar world using a combination of cutting edge aerodynamics, hi-tech engineering and a handcrafted V6 engine.

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Wednesday, 28 November 5:30pm
Thursday, 29 November 10:30am
Friday, 30 November 9:30pm
Saturday, 1 December 9:30am
Saturday, 1 December 4:30pm
Sunday, 2 December 10:30pm
Gumpert Apollo

Episode 0: Gumpert Apollo

Feast your eyes on a $1 million street-legal racing car. It's one of the fastest cars on Earth and the firm's founder is counting on selling it to keep his company afloat.

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Tuesday, 4 December 7:30pm
Wednesday, 5 December 1:30am
Wednesday, 5 December 8:30am
Wednesday, 5 December 5:30pm
Friday, 7 December 9:30pm
Saturday, 8 December 9:30am
Saturday, 8 December 4:30pm
Sunday, 9 December 10:30pm
Rolls Royce

Episode 0: Rolls Royce

The Phantom is the first Rolls-Royce to be introduced since the company was bought by BMW in 1998. It takes an average of 450 hours and the skills of hundreds of artisans to hand-build each car.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Tuesday, 4 December 8:30pm
Wednesday, 5 December 2:30am
Friday, 7 December 11:30pm
Saturday, 8 December 10:30am
Sunday, 9 December 4:30pm
Armoured Cars

Episode 0: Armoured Cars

They look like normal SUVs but have been rebuilt to withstand AK47s and roadside bombs. Find out how cars are modified for maximum protection to drive through the world's most dangerous countries.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Tuesday, 4 December 9:30pm
Saturday, 15 December 4:30pm
The Mini

Episode 0: The Mini

Follow the journey of the Mini Coupe, the Oxford plant’s first ever two seater sports vehicle, as it makes its way through this state of the art factory in the heart of England.

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Tuesday, 11 December 8:30pm
Wednesday, 12 December 2:30am
Friday, 14 December 11:30pm
Saturday, 15 December 9:30am
Sunday, 16 December 4:30pm
Bugatti Super Car

Episode 0: Bugatti Super Car

The Bugatti Veyron is a 'super' super car. Part automobile and part airplane, this modern engineering masterpiece flies down the road at nearly one third the speed of sound.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Tuesday, 11 December 9:30pm
Saturday, 15 December 10:30am
Saturday, 22 December 4:30pm

Episode 0: Maserati

Born in Modena, Italy, the Maserati Gran Turismo Convertible is a $135,800 four-seat convertible inspired by the racetrack but refined by one of the most luxurious supercar manufacturers in the world.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Tuesday, 18 December 9:30pm
Saturday, 22 December 9:30am
Sunday, 23 December 4:30pm
Friday, 28 December 10:30pm
Porsche Panamera

Episode 0: Porsche Panamera

The Panamera, Porsche’s first four-door high performance sports sedan, is pushing the company and its factory into uncharted territory. But with sales sky high, the risk appears to be paying off.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Tuesday, 18 December 10:30pm
Saturday, 22 December 10:30am
Friday, 28 December 11:30pm

Episode 0: Audi

The super sleek Audi R8 is grabbing the attention of sports car fanatics around the world. Enter the German factory where the road car, modelled on a champion race car, is crafted.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Tuesday, 25 December 8:30pm
Wednesday, 26 December 2:30am
Saturday, 29 December 9:30am

Episode 0: Bentley

Generations of Bentley are built on its classic hallmarks of power and luxury. But the assembly line is thrown out the window for its new Mulsannes, over 90% of which are custom ordered.

Next Showing on National Geographic Channel:

Tuesday, 25 December 9:30pm
Saturday, 29 December 10:30am

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