As an expert relocation consultant, London Relocation knows a group move means your company is undertaking a big change. Shifting a significant portion of your invaluable human assets around isn’t to be taken lightly.

A Relocation Consultant to the Many or Few

Whereas London estate agents could simply regard your big move as big commissions, it takes an experienced and empathetic consultant like London Relocation to see through to the individual employees and understand:

  • What each is particularly looking for in an apartment
  • The suite of other support services that can be tailored to the company’s and employee’s needs within the corporate allowance

Common Concerns With Relocation Consultant Restrictions

There can be economies of scale when producing goods in bulk, but a business relocation is about transferring people, a group of individuals with unique needs and constraints. There are a lot of pieces to the relocation puzzle to snap together, and even large relocation companies can have restrictions when it comes to:

  • How large the company is
  • How many staff members must be moving at a time
  • Whether the company must already have a contract with the consultant in order for individual employees to employ relocation services

What’s the Cost for Companies?

All relocations come at a cost, and when it comes to property searching in particular, London estate agents:

  • Must work to optimize the landlord’s price
  • Don’t offer group discounts when negotiating multiple leases for staff members

This can, of course, blow a corporate budget in no time for short and long-term rentals without even considering the other necessities of relocation like visas, shipping, and settling-in services. You need a relocation consultant with London-specific expertise and who can therefore negotiate best prices for you in this competitive climate so you can stretch your budget farther. You need London Relocation.

We’ll Be Your Negotiator

While sometimes also referred to as “negotiators,” London estate agents are negotiating on the side of their commissions, which landlords will pay them once the deal is sealed. At London Relocation, however, a reliable consultant is on hand before, during, and after your staff’s move to work for YOU and only you—not the lettings agents or landlords.

We don’t impose limitations on corporate relocations that some bigger agencies do. We’ll gladly provide you one point of contact centralizing all of your assignees’ relocations, and our personal approach to offering high-quality service won’t just treat employees en masse. Valuing the diverse components that comprise a whole, we:

  • Assist companies of all sizes
  • Assist with employee transfers of all volumes
  • Accommodate needs on an individual, personalized basis

We’re Your Total Staff Solution

Whether your corporate relocation is moving one employee or one hundred, we appreciate that your business is juggling a number of changes at once and doesn’t want to lose its individual assignees in the shuffle. We don’t want that either, as we’ve made the London ourselves and know how expatriates can feel a little lost at the start.

Our service doesn’t zipper up a group’s varying requirements into a one-size-fits-all solution; we size each assignment to the individual like a well-tailored—yet highly affordable—business suit. So contact us today and see how well we measure up as your devoted relocation consultant!