Dr Paul Reed

Paul ReedDr. Paul Reed has dedicated his life to educating and informing the public about achieving “Optimal Human Performance” through the chiropractic principles. Being involved with chiropractic since the age of 13, and using it to excel in athletics through his career at WSU has given Dr. Paul an abundance of experience. He owns and directs two clinics in SW Washington and one of the largest pediatric wellness focused practices in the area. Dr. Paul also passionately gives back to our chiropracTIC profession by speaking throughout the country, running a philosophy group in the Greater Portland region and coaches chiropractors in abundance.

Dr. Paul’s talk is titled: Become Legendary…. No matter where you are in practice or life, you should be leaving a legacy. Dr. Paul is going to give you the purpose, passion and procedures (P3) helping you create alignment with your vision and mission to ensure you become legendary. Don’t miss this opportunity to ignite yourself and change your practice and life!