Hi, my name is Leena™.
Did you like my nails?

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Modeled using Maya 2011


Free hand model from Turbosquid
Chain modeling tutorial #1: Wrapped chain
Chain modeling tutorial #2: Rigid chain

Animated with jQuery v1.7.2

Modeled using Maya 2011


Dog model by fishzombie on Turbosquid: $16.00
Folded shirt model by Matz models on Turbosquid: $3.50

Image References

Total cost (minus time):



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#Love, #Mystery, #Accessibility

How did we come together like this?

Breathe deep and free yourself! ^_^

Material list

Outsourced cloth woven on industrial loom, hand-woven cloth on Jacquard loom, yoga ball, dowel, wire


Promo Wholesale
Anime Pillows


#evil, #brother, #sister, #mother, #island, #perception, #love


I understand that no human being is evil, because for my brother or sister to be evil means my mother is evil, and for my mother to be evil means I am evil. I know that all human beings were once babies.

I understand that no human being is evil, because only an external force can create evil. I understand that no human being is evil, because no being is an island.

I understand that there are those that act upon me macliciously, and that I may perceive them as evil, but when they were a baby, I would not have perceived them as evil.

I understand that not everyone survives by the same rules that I survive by, because nobody is the same as I. I understand that everybody is the same as I in that we all die and that we are all born from a mother.

I don't really understand much, but I love, and I love you

Material list

Hand-woven cloth on Jacquard loom, resin hands cast from mold of nail salon practice hand, wholesale nail tips, kiosk display cell phones, body piercing jewelry, metal chain, foam batting


Body Candy Jewelry
Body Armor China

Leena™ Virtual Help Doll 2011

Gender: ♀     Bloodtype: B-

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