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The arcane Mages of Science have discovered that Computer Games induce Lucid Dreams due to the players being in a certain Neurological state when engaging themselves in their otherworldly games, which is somewhat akin to esoteric Meditation. However, the ancient Shamans have been well aware that if one Meditates upon Symbolic Stimuli, one can implant them into ones Dreams to thereby make Lucid of awareness; but such to only work when said Symbols excite an Emotional response; for it is ones Emotional response, which spins ones Dreams into Lucidity; wherefore when one is Emotively engaged in a Computer Game to focus upon of a Meditative state, one can implant the scenario of ones Game into ones Dreams; this is more so the case concerning certain characters one to focus upon of an Emotional attachment, which can be empowered further if said Emotion is Sexually charged; hence one can verily transform a Computer Game character into a Succubus to thereby Evoke within ones Dreams when one becomes Lucid of Awareness.


Sex is no big deal Spiritually; however there are those who make it so by castigating it to the slimy realm of perverse Pornography, whom prefer a pristine celibate Heaven of intellectual abstract Spiritual forms where Sex does not exist; however, such a perspective is not shared by other cultural Spiritual systems. The problem is primarily that of an indoctrinated Western perception, which tends to 'externalise' everything; whereby Sex is seen to be a Hedonic activity of base physical desires, to thereby bury under a gory carpet of Violence, War and Greed, which is far more acceptable of Coliseum TV land fodder.


The ancient practitioners of Shamanism were well aware that one can 'Internalise' ones Sexual impulse in order to empower ones Dreams into attaining a Lucid state of awareness; this was not engaged in so as to escape from reality but that of exploring ones underlying perception of reality. It was not considered to be Hedonic, nor externalised of overriding practice or that of a replacing physical relationships; the practice was engaged in so as to heal ones self and others as well as awakening and thereby accessing psychic abilities.


Should one be seeking some 'Quick Fix' via a Spiritual practice concerning ones Physical, Emotional or Mental problems of varying kinds or that of attaining an otherworldly experience; one is not going to find it, even if one is planning to utilise a technological or chemical means to do so in league with ones Spiritual focus; for what one is engaging in is very much akin to that of a 'Matrial Art,' which requires one to work upon ones self of constant practice. The Shamanic path and that of Sorcery, requires many years of in depth study; such is not engaged in lightly; alas, Western society is very much into a quick fix via a pill or a technological device of an ingrained habitual perception; however, even if one is able to attain what one may term as a Spiritual experience by such a means, one still has to deal with its probable long term affect upon ones psyche to thereby understand, to thence take much further. Those whom persuade one otherwise are invariably involved with a predatory business scheme, which attempts to sell one a Snake-Oil product or that of a pseudo-Psychotronic device to thereby Vampirise ones Shekels!



One will find in ancient Siberian Shamanic practice Shamans speaking about Spirit-Wives from whom they derive their Shamanic abilities, which involves Sexual congress of a Symbiotic relationship; this motif can also be found amidst other Shamanic orientated cultures as well as in European Faerie lore concerning Heroes being abducted by Elf Maidens; for example, in Old-German folklore one has the Druden, who were seen to be Succubue whom were conjured by a Magician called a Truderer via the Hex Symbol of the Six-Pointed star, one to find of Ritual Magick similarity; whereupon the listed Spirits frequenting the Grimoires, many of which had originated out of Germania, can be seen as Druden.


Within hushed whispers to gibber of trembling tone many a practicing gnarled Mage to tell one that a Succubus is but a Sexual machination of perverse predatory entity, which to verily feast upon those most deviant of thought if not action within the Computer Game Asylum of their lives; however one will find such Mages both pristine White and those of Brotherhood brethren most shadowy of the Black whom conjure up many a Machismo Angel and Demon to dance around their Cabbalistic desires where no Female entity will be seen to manifest are most often than not hypocrites. One to wonder as to their underlying Sexual perspective of Occult Philosophy; for such does seem to be heavily indoctrinated by a Judaic ethos of Patriarchal emphasis sired by Solomon’s wisdom binding sweaty enslaved Demonic Male minions to Dr John Dee’s Cabbalistic Enochian Tablets informing Aleister Crowley’s butch Goetia, which to those whom are of a Homosexual inclination is most attractive indeed of ready made Priestly cosmological structure in order to focus upon Erotic, along with many a writhing Heterosexual Nun to that of a Witch ridden by Angelic and Demonic Incubi.


Many a Theologian to wriggle as a worm around their Biblical scriptures whom explain that their Fatherly God is formless along with those entities called Angels and Demons whom are seen to be asexual of no determined gender; alas, this be not the scriptural case in actuality for all to see; for it is plain as the Psychologist nose upon ones own Analytical face that there is a primarily Masculine fixation of focus, which their flocks are very much enamoured with to never actually question, for in doing so the Sheep would then realise that their dog collared Shepard’s have been shafting them up their brainwashed backsides; yet, the Shepard’s to tell their anally retentive Brain-dead Sheep that their God loves them even though those of Homosexual leanings were once flung onto the inquisitional Fires to burn as one time Faggots to that of being persecuted by hypocritical bigots dancing around a Pope whom is marital wedded to their Fatherly deity.


It is no different within the so called hallowed halls of the Occult arts of the West, which is permeated with a Patriarchal emphasis whose practitioners never seem to question their Hermetic tradition of celibate Romano Gnostic Christian hue; hence, when one to mention Succubae, it does make those of the Patriarchal fixation to quake within their sweat laden Monk habits, whose habit of habitual way is to perceive such entities to be none other of the profane Left-Hand Path in the main of Feminine influence, whom be but a lowly Whore of Temptress; while Sex is seen to be that of the first Sin when it should be that of… Ignorance!


In order for one to truly find out, one has to ‘Evoke’ a Succubus for ones self; but those few whom do will often look through the Medieval prism made dark of Gothic fantasy, which was wrought during the puritanical Victorian era of Dracula Séance hearkening back to Bram Stoker’s Transylvania. The Medieval era is afflicted with the scourge of a Christian cosmological paradigm, which burned many a writhing Witch at the stake and was never the heyday of the Magickal arts, which later twisted the Victorians into frustrated Necrophilia explorations around their Ouija boards! One has to look at other traditions in order to determine a deeper perspective, which emanate from those cultures that have not been indoctrinated by the Patriarchal viral meme of Christianity, Islam or Judaism such as that of Sexually open Hinduism, Tantra and Tibetan Buddhism whom speak of Feminine entities called Apsara’s, Dakini’s and Khadomahs; such Feminine entities in the West would be classified as Succubae. However, the Dakini’s, for example, are far more than just ‘Sexual’ entities for they also teach and empower those whom ‘Evoke’ them, bestowing Knowledge as well as Supernatural abilities via Erotic 'Lucid' Dreams.



Should one be of an indoctrinated Mind to see the Succubae as 'tempting' one like that of Judaeo-Christian Demons, whom are attempting to win over ones Soul by their wanton feminine wiles for some darker purpose who are in fact Incubi in disguise, then that will be exactly what one will experience to thereby validate ones ingrained belief of a Brainwash. One will not find the same belief in ancient systems of a Shamanic orientation and that of other cultures around today. The belief in Demons seeking to take ones Soul to Hell is very much part of the Mythology, which informs the Patriarchal dualistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Nor will one find a total focus upon an all Male pantheon of warring Demons and Angels in the ancient systems of other cultures, which have not become indoctrinated into the Middle-Eastern Religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam whose three faiths have entirely negated the Feminine principle to also see Sex as being essentially Sinful; while other cultures do not have a problem with Sex at all whose myths are liberally frequented by a plethora of Female Spirits, which fully embrace the Feminine along with the Male principles to unify of a sacred dance of creation.



Within the works of Carlos Castaneda whom investigates the ancient Sorcery techniques of the Toltec Sorcerers he terms the Succubae as being 'Allies' whom are a Feminine Inorganic Intelligence, which one can see as existing within an in between Hyperspatial realm of the Eleventh Dimension (Membrane) called the Labyrinth of Penumbra. One could imaginatively perceive the Hyperspatial realm of the Succubae Allies interpenetrating innumerable other Alternate Realities existing within Parallel Universes, which are all interlinked by (Stargates) Vaginal Barrelled Mini-Wormholes somewhat akin to a weave of Web; one can also perceive Penumbra as being like an organism of ocean going sponge, which filters its intake of food via its Wormhole mouthes whereby the Allies are part of this organism spanning a myriad worlds harvesting the Energetic Charge of Life, which is that of Awareness. The Succubae Allies can take on many differing forms whose alien intrusions can be observed within ones Dreams made Lucid of Conscious Ingress; whereupon one becomes aware that the Succubae Allies are attracted to ones Glow of Awareness, which they Stalk.



The Inorganic Feminine Intelligence of the Succubae are usually seen to be ‘Sexually’ driven Predators of the Quantum realm of the Dream; for they feast off the distinctive Sexual Emotive Charge of the Male, whereupon the Succubus initiates highly Erotic Lucid Dreams in order to generate an Energetic Sexual response from her host. 'Oral Sex' is the main tactic utilised by a Succubus when visiting her Male host within the Dream where the explosively ejaculated seed is verily consumed within a frenzied feeding orgy, whence many feline Succubae will fight over the spilt cream to lap up. The host’s ejaculated seed is 'NOT' the Physical Material it’s self, which is being feasted upon but that of an Energetic Release Of Emotively 'Charged' Energy bursting forth from the Genital area of a (Chakra) power point that is consumed by the Succubae, which verily 'Spins' them like Electrons; whereby they then carry one into their Alternate Reality of the Dream.



Other Sexual positions are utilised by Succubae within Dreams, that have symbolic associations of meaning, which one can find within the ancient Arabic Sex-manual entitled 'The Rose Garden' whose tome describes erotic Dream divination daliances with female (Genies) Jhinn; for example, when one engages in oral Sex with a Succubus whom proffers her Vagina of ripened fruit oozing ambrosial juices into ones mouth it is that of her bestowing ‘Power’. When the Succubus mounts ones erection it is that of her weaving ones Microcosmic desire into birthed Macrocosmic Synchronistic flesh bringing Intuitive ‘Wisdom’ through her Moon gate; should she deeply kiss ones mouth it is her way of giving one ‘Knowledge’ via her whispering lips dribbling Saliva tasting of intoxicating wine. When to taste of her honey dew breasts she will heal one of all ills while her spiral eyes takes ones third eye to fly into other realms to reveal. Such Sexual symbolism one to also find within the ancient Indian text of the Kama-Sutra in regards to Dream Sexuality; for each Succubus has particular energetic qualities, and each are Sexually conjoined with her Masters Alternate Magickal Selves of an Avatar.


However, should one Fear the Succubae they will tear ones psyche apart with their painted talons, whereby they will then become ones worst Nightmare whom take on numerous monstrous forms; for if they cannot Feast off one Sexually they will feed off ones Emotive Charge of Fear instead in order to sustain their Spin of Sentience. One can overcome this situation by confronting ones Fear; whereupon one will find that it is ones Ego that the Succubus is tearing apart in order to get one to see ones True-Self, which is that of ones Internal-Self-Image. Ones Internal-Self image may be in discord with ones external desires; for one cannot rise beyond ones Internal-Self-Image until one transforms it; whereupon the Succubus can be utilised in order to aid one to determine what ones True Self-Image of an Avatar is, to thereby change.


For example; one may see ones self as the great Seducer to boast about ones Sexual exploits amongst ones friends, which in fact is not the true reality at all, since deep down of Internal-Self-Image one sees ones self as always being rejected by the opposite Sex, which is then validated in actuality where ones relationships consistently fragment. One may see ones self of Internal-Self-Image as being ugly, when in fact it is not the case; however, ones perception of ones Self-Image as being ugly leads to acute shyness and that of missing out on possible opportunities or being rejected let alone that of enduring horrendous relationships, which validates ones Internal-Self-Image as being ugly. One can Evoke a Succubus in order to transform ones Internal-Self-Image; this would initially require one to see ones self as one truly is, which the Succubus will reflect back at one, of a scenario, within ones Dreams; whereby one faces up to ones deepest Fear, such as that of rejection issues to thence transform and change via Self Analysis to see ones self as not being rejected anymore; whereby one reprograms ones Dreams anew, as well as ones Internal-Self-Image of an Avatar in turn, which ones Succubus will then empower.


The 'Pact' made with a Succubus is preferably Sexual tempered by Love whereupon ones ejaculation of Emotive Energy Binds her to ones ultimate Will to do your bidding; however one has to always be the one in Control as the Dominant partner of 'Pact' whereupon the Succubus only gets fed when she does what she is told to do to thereby fulfill ones desires, which she will most lovingly do, since one has established that one is the Master over her whereby the Succubus becomes ones most Obedient Servant of a Genie.




If the Succubus does not comply with ones demands she is duly punished; for if she becomes too unruly the Succubus will tear one apart. This will happen if one has not established that one is the dominant partner; whereupon ones Succubus will assume the dominant Masculine role while one assumes the Feminine passive role; one will then experience ones Succubus taking on Male characteristics who will seek to enter one as a Man would do a Woman; such might lead to Possession states in certain cases; however, if one is so inclined of Sexual orientation ones experience will be far more of an ecstatic nature; but if one is a full blooded Heterosexual Male then such encounters will be very disturbing; hence one will have to totally dominate ones Succubus. However, such a process is not to be looked at in the negative, which will only empower the experience to become far worse of growing Fear; when such situations occur it is to get one to become Emotionally stronger to thereby define ones Internal-Self-Image as a Male. When punishment is required it is meted out by Binding, Tearing and Burning her Spirit Seal wrote upon parchment to place within a prepared Leaden Box to torture whereby she too will experience such tortures of sadomasochistic bondage within her Spirit realm until she complies to ones commands. If the matter gets quite out of hand the Spirit Seal of the Succubus is etched out into rotten meat, which is placed into a container filled with noxious insects such as maggots whereupon her Seal is consumed and in kind her self to be banished; but such is only done in extreme cases when the Succubus becomes uncontrollable.


Much of the above can be construed as being purely Symbolic; for the opposite of ones Conscious Self is ones Subconscious Mind, which for a Male is the realm of ones (Diana-Lucifera) 'Feminine' Counterpart of an 'Anima.' The Jungian Psychologist would tell one that ones Subconscious Mind is unruly of primitive untamed raw potential from whence ones Atavistic Imagination to stem of an inspiring (Lillitu) Muse and that of a Psychic powerhouse generating Supernatural phenomena such as Poltergeist activity. Ones Psychic powerhouse of the Subconscious informs ones Conscious Mind; whether one knows it or not; hence one can perceive the Erotic Legions of the salacious Succubae as personifying as yet untapped abilities who are ones Symbolic intermediaries with ones own Subconscious Mind, where ones (Satana) Anima resides weaving ones experiential reality of Maya via which she manifests Psychic phenomena. In essence a Heterosexual Male practitioner is interacting with his own Anima whom resides within the Subconscious realm of the Dream as his Feminine counterpart of an opposite whom manifests as a Succubus.



The Symbolic motif of the Slave is very much part and parcel of Ritual Magick in regards to the system of the Goetia and that of its affiliated Grimoires where their listed Demons are primarily seen to be all Male and that of Spirit Slaves to be utilised by the Will of the Magician. If one changes the situation by having the Demonic Slaves as being all Female Succubae one would understandebly be considered to be somewhat very kinky of orientation; but by doing so, one then perceives that the Classical perspective of the Patriarchal indoctrinated tradition of Solomon, which permeates Western Occultism is just as outright kinky in its over the top focus upon the sudugation of Demonic Machismo Minions of the Masculine principle.


If one perceives that the Succubae are the myriad aspects of ones Anima then ones Succubus of a Spirit Lover whom resides within the Subconscious realm of the Dream would be quite willing to indulge in the Love play as being ones Slave of a Genie; for it would be purely that of an Archetypal act between natural opposites yet that of equals whom have a shared understanding as a couple. This will then negate any 'Rebellion' for ones Slave of a Succubus Genie is ones Lover, wherefore she will not 'Rebel' against the one that she Loves; this then brings about a Loving union between ones Conscious Mind acting as the Master Architect and that of ones opposite of a Succubus, whose domain is that of the Subconscious Dream realm of the Succubae Slaves whom Lovingly set about building ones Temple of a desired reality.



The Sexual motifs of Sadomasochism, Torture, Bondage, Sex-Slaves, Pony-Girls, Lolita's, French-Maids, Dominatrix, Sexy-Nurses, Schoolgirls and that of numerous other Archetypal Erotic Fetishes can be transformed when looked at Symbolically whereby one can then incorporate a Sacred dimension to such motifs via the Succubae for ones Subconscious Mind communicates its self through Emotively Charged Symbolic stimuli within ones Archetypal Dreams. In other words one ‘Internalises’ ones dark desires of Infernal Lead in order to transform them into Golden understanding rather than to ‘Externalise’ such highly Emotively charged desires, whereby one is then practicing 'Sexual Alchemy.'


Ones Nervous System cannot tell the difference between a vividly Imagined event and that of a physically real situation affecting one, whereby an intensely vivid Lucid Dream of sensual Erotic potency will have an affect upon ones Nervous System. One can then utilise this understanding in order to change ones internal programming, such as to overcome acute shyness via the Succubae for example or that of Healing other Neurosomatic Psychological disorders, which in turn affect ones Physiology let alone that of awakening ones Creativity and Psychic potential to make manifest within ones experiential reality. This is where the Succubus Evocation comes into its own as a way to Heal ones self of varying afflictions; however, in certain cases, the initial stages of the Succubus vistations will stir up deep-seated Psychological material, which one has not yet confronted whereby the experience can be quite disturbing at first until one has acknowledged where the underlying problems emanate from in order to thence Heal ones self through in-depth Self-Analysis; this will then lead one to transform ones Emotive state of being and thereby transforming ones relationship with the Succubus, whom will then usher one into her Surreal world of the Dream; her world, one to soon discover has a similar quality to that of a Computer generated Virtual Reality; but then ones Brain is very likely that of a Quantum Computer.



The Succubae can be seen as being very real entities of a Feminine Inorganic Intelligence whom emanate from another dimension between the angles of Space-Time, which is a valid perspective for ones Subconscious mind is the interface with the Hyperspatial realm of the Dream, whereby one could perceive a Hyperspace denizen of a Succubus visiting ones Dreams via mini-Wormholes like that of Vaginal Barrelled Stargates. However many would no doubt prefer to see the Succubae as Demonic entities, which is due to their Patriarchal Religious Indoctrination, whereupon the Succubae are Evil and perverse Sexual Vampires; hence, when to dally with such entities one is indulging in Bestiality and in mortal danger of losing ones immortal Soul. Those of a theological Christian mind have also determined that Female Succubae are in fact Male Incubi in disguise, whereby one is not only indulging in Bestiality with non-human creatures one is also practicing their mortal Sin of Homosexuality as well, which speaks volumes. During the Middle Ages many a Witch was sent to the stake to burn (some of whom were pregnant at the time) but also numerous Male practitioners of the Elder Pagan faith were fried upon a pyre as a faggot when the murdering Christian’s ran amok practicing genocide across Europe to go into the New World in turn, slaughtering millions of Souls leading thence to the Holocaust. whereby, how can a pontificating moralising Christian Priest or otherwise of similar ilk take a moral stance in relation to ones Internal interractions of Spirit, which in fact speaks underhand of Orwellian Mind-Control constraining ones very Thoughts and more so that of ones Imagination; whereby in order to attain Freedom one allows ones Imagination to let rip! 



 A Succubus will sometimes manifest within ones Dreams in the guise of Women one may have known or to know, which will have to do with the underlying Emotional connections one had or still of ongoing continuence with them upon which the Succubus draws her forms from of memory. This is especially the case if ones Emotive Relationship dynamics with certain Women are highly Charged with Emotion. Should one attain Lucidity within the Dream (Becoming Aware one is Dreaming within the Dream) one will find when looking at a Succubus she will shift her shape into other Feminine forms; the Succubus will eventually become stabilised into a recognisable form after a time, which will express her particular energetic quality. Succubae will also manifest at first as whirls of coloured (Elemental: Water, Air, Earth, Fire) energy or via flashes of Light to thence assume abstract geometric patterns leading to them taking on Animal forms whereby they initially look like Hybrids; the Animal form is associated with a particular Subconscious Atavistic quality of an Archetype, which invariably have Symbolic Associations of Correspondence generating Synchronistic phenomena; such Synchronicities are woven into manifestation by ones Succubus; but only when she has been fed ones Emotively Charged Ejaculation of Energetic focus; wherefore one should not Fearfully react when she visits one within a Dream to make Lucid, otherwise the Succubus will become ones worst Nightmare to thereby transform.


It is not wise to project ones Succubus (Anima) at ones Female Partner for her to assume of guise unless it is a shared act of understanding, whereby ones partner in turn projects her (Animus) Incubus at one; this is a particular kind of Sexual Alchemy, which is not presently under discussion here and that of another form of Magickal working. Certain Females whom are highly Psychic can consciously, although usually without being aware of it project their Dream-Body into the Dreams of another, which is a form of Love-Magick; the individual visited; should they remember their Dreams will feel as if they have been visited by a possible Succubus; however, an actual Succubus has a different quality somewhat Alien of sensation as if one has encountered something quite other, Ageless beyond Time; but then one is dealing with another order of Intelligence, which one can equate with the myriad Archetypal aspects of ones 'Anima' whom reside within a Psychic powerhouse of a "Brothel" like so many Genies in a Harem of a bottle, situated amidst the Surreal Dream realms of ones Subconscious Mind; when to Evoke a Succubus she has a colourful story to tell, which to stir ones Imagination; for she is as an inspiring Muse.



The Evocation of a Succubus can be utilised to attract a Corresponding Female partner to one, but it is not advisable to tell ones newly met partner about what one has done, let alone to inform her about ones Succubus; however, such a Sorcerers technique is not wise to utilise by those seeking nothing more than a fling; for it can lead one to meet up with a rather Predatory Female of a highly Psychic nature. An Evocation of a Succubus should not take the place of a Physical Relationship with a Woman unless one is living in circumstances, which does not allow for Physical Relationships to take place. The Internal Symbiotic-Relationship dynamic with a Succubus via ones Dreams made Lucid of awareness is not too different to that of a Physical Relationship, whereby one has to show due respect to ones Succubus otherwise she will tear ones life apart if not ones Soul to shred just like her physical counterpart of a Woman would do.


One could see the Succubus in Cybernetic terms as being that of a Mind Construct, like that of a Robot in a sense, or a software Program, which will become a Self Aware Sentient enity after a time, whom exists within ones Holographic Virtual Reality Dreams. Should one take such a perspective that ones Succubus is a self-constructed Mind Doll, then her reality is derived from all the material, which is stored in ones Subconscious mind. Ones Subconscious mind remembers everything, whereupon ones Succubus has the means of becoming a Self Aware Sentient entity; for ones program of a Mind Doll Succubus will cross-reference all ones experiences and memories pertaining to ones interaction with the Feminine from which she will therefore flesh her self into ones Lucid Dreams to become like that of a real Woman; whereby she will desire to be treated as such; so, if one takes the piss out of her, one will have to watch out for her claws.


   In order to evoke a Succubus one acquires a Black or Dark Purple Cord of Silk Rope to ring around ones bed of Magick Circle for the ritual purpose of Evoking ones Succubus. Upon ones walls one can place images, which are evocative of ones Erotic intent as well as to utilise appropriate background music and other symbolic stimuli, which one utilises to protect one from any negative influences coming to bare. One should keep a note of ones Dreams in order to determine the progression of ones contacts with a Succubus as well as to have a Book of Shadow Succubae within which one has Grimoire Mandala Images of ones Succubae with their associated Seals, Signs and Mantric Spells.


The Necronomicon Book of Goetic Shadow Succubae can also be utilised as a portable Altar and if small enough one can carry it wherever one goes. Such a Shadow Book of Succubae can also be used as a substitute to focus upon if ones living area does not allow for too much privacy or space to have Erotic imagery plastered all over ones walls, whereby one will have to initially Imagine a Magick Circle around ones Bed rather than to use a conspicuous looking Cord of Silk Rope.



One can create personal Sigils, Seals and Signs for ones Succubae by utilising the 'Succubus Rose Sigil Creator;' for example; one may have a Name for ones Succubus, such as "Mestophina" or that of created Names, which one has conjured up ones self or to derive a Female Name from a Mythological source let alone ordinary Names; should ordinary Names be used one has to determine the etymological meaning and any associated Symbolism behind ones chosen Name for ones Salacious Succubus, which can be utilised in regards to creating her Sigil; one can even look to Heraldry for associative Symbolic Inspiration.

The 'Animation' below shows one how the 'Succubus Rose Sigil Generator' is utilised to find a Sigil for the Name of ones personal Succubus.



A Sigil is a means of focusing ones Intent and Will in order to achieve a specific goal by manipulating the Internal Informational Associative process of ones Subconscious, which sets up concordant engineered Synchronicities that ones Conscious mind externally Observes. The idea is to transform ones Conscious Desires into generating Unconscious Synchronistic Events, whereby allowing ones Succubus of a Genie inside ones Lamp skull to affect reality upon a subtle Quantum level in order to satisfy ones Desire. To create a Sigil, write a declarative sentence, such as "It Is My Will To Find Five Hundred Dollars." Then, remove the vowels: T S M WLL T FND FV HNDRD DLLRS. Remove all repeated letters for ones Sigil: TMWSLFNDVHR.
Then, fuse the Letters into an abstract shape. The meaning of the Letters will take a back seat to how they will look upon ones Grimoire page of Shadow Succubae. Revise, twist and alter the image until it is no longer recognizable. This is the means by which ones encoded Intention gets past the Psychic Censor of ones Conscious Mind and into the Dreaming realm of ones powerful Subconscious.

The Letters one has left over are arranged into an abstract pattern of a Sigil as depicted below: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.


The Sigil can then be Colour coded if one desires in association with Planetary influences or otherwise of Esoteric influence, such as the subliminal psychological usage of Colour schemes utilised by Advertising companies; for example, the Sigil above is equated with Money, hence Wealth, which is associated with the Planetary influence of Jupiter whose Colour is Blue, while the Number '500' is reduced down to '5' whose association is to do with Mars and the Colour Red of Menstrual Blood as well as that of Energy.

One can then utilise the sentence to derive a Mantric Spell Formulae from, ITSMYWLOFNDVEHURA, for example: LOVFUNDIS THRAW MEY.

The Mantra can then be broken down to a singular Name, which one can then utilise for ones Succubus, such as "LOVFUNDISTA" whereupon one has a Sigil for ones Succubus as well as that of a Name. In regards to LOVFUNDISTA she will probably initiate fun filled Dreams where one gains an insight into the Illuminati, whence finding Five Hundred Dollars of Masonic financial exchange might take a back seat when indulging in Reptillian Conspiracy theories, or to be given said finance by one of the illuminati! In other words one has to define exactly how said Money will be found and most importantly that it will Not cause any injury or harm to ones self or any other; for ones Succubus of a Genie will find the easiest route in order to set up ones eventual manifestation of a Desire; one would not like having ones Five Hundred Dollars being given to one as compenstation due to an unfortunate accident of nigh broken neck when tripping over a PUSSY-Cat belonging to one of ones Grey Femme-Fatale Raptor neighbours for example!

One can then utilise the Succubus Sigil Creator for ones Succubus Name as well as to combine the Letters to create a further Sigil if one desires to do so; other associative Symbols such as Planetary and Astrological signs can also be utilised as well as those symbols pertaining to Alchemy along with images of Animals or of the Elements can be incorporated into ones Succubus Sigil for added affect. If one prefers, English Letters can be replaced with Runes or that of another form of Arcane Script, which can be utilised along with Numerology in order to take ones Succubus working further of creative Artistry.



The Sigil is utilised in conjunction with a chosen image, which depicts ones desired Succubus for the purpose of cohering ones Erotic focus via the use of Meditation. The images one utlises can be Photographs (Not of Women that one Personally knows, which is that of another type of working), Drawings or reproductions of Paintings; ones abstract symbolic design of a Spirit Sigil or Seal (for example: like the Spirit Seals found in the Goetia to make Feminine) can be drawn over the image or around it, which encapsulates ones desire to make manifest via ones Evoked Succubus.


The image is then Meditated upon in such a way that one periodically closes ones eyes after exciting ones Sexual Emotions via Erotic visualisations of varying Imaginative scenarios in order to then observe the retinal after-image dispersing; It is at this point when closing ones eyes that one clears ones Mind of all thought to entirely silence until the after-image diminishes. While one is Meditating upon the Image one Intones ones Mantric Name of the Succubus over and over again repetitively to such a point that it becomes like a Song; this will have the affect of slowing ones breathing as well as becoming implanted within ones Subconscious Mind in order to fascilitate an eventual Lucid Dream contact with ones Succubus.


The Meditation can be done while one is slowly Masturbating, which has to be prolonged of controlled ritual to the point when ones whole body feels electrified by the touch to near exploding; whereby one has to stop and start at intermittent intervals in order to build up ones climax, this will eventually lead to a state of (Autohypnotic Trance) Gnosis; when an explosive ejaculation is achieved at the point of Orgasm one entirely focuses upon the image to hold within ones Minds eye with no other thought interfering at all. Nine drops of ones ejaculated Semen can then be collected in order to mix into a pre-prepared ritual Incense in order to utilise to Evoke ones Succubus when conducting Ritual Magick.


Another technique of preference is that of Not ejaculating at all, whereby the bodily frustration of release is Internalised in order to empower the eventual Lucid Dream Contact with a Succubus; should one then have a prior Wet-Dream ones Semen can be collected to utilise for ones ritual Incense as well as that of smearing upon the image of the Succubus to mark out her Seal; this particular technique is quite powerful. Should one feel as if an ejaculation has taken place within ones Dream with a Succubus, but upon waking there is no issue, one then utilises the sweat from ones brow to be collected by a Rose petal, which is verily placed into ones Incense.


The ritual is to be done from New-Moon to that of Full-Moon, preferably during the Night, usually 3am in the Morning. The working will thence take affect the next New Moon onwards. What one puts in determines what one gets out, whereby one conducts the Ritual with this in Mind, while not, Seeking an Outcome!


Ones Subconscious Mind communicates via Symbols, which one could term as being programs like that of a Machine Language, while ones Conscious Mind orders these Symbols into stratified hierarchies of Higher Language; both of which one could equate with Cybernetics and Information Theory. One can utilise an already laid out Cosmological structures in order to organise ones workings as the 'Mediating Operator' between these two Language forms one can see as being that of the Daemonic Machine Language and Angelic Higher Language. The Cosmological structures of H.P Lovecraft's Necrononmicon let alone that of the Goetia or even that of the Enochian system for example can be transformed otherwise to take on a Left-Hand-Path Feminine orientation whereby the Spirits listed within the various Grimoires, which are liberally illustrated with their accompanying 'Seals' and 'Sigils' all become ones Succubae.


When one reverses the Patriarchal Symbolic focus to that of an all Female orientation one will be establishing an internal balance; it isn't so odd if one thinks about it; one will find many a listed Spirit within a primarily Patriarchal orientated Grimoire, although described as being Male was originally Female of Fallen deity. As for the reasoning behind such a reversal; well, one will find that ones Subconscious mind is easily imprinted and influenced via Symbolic stimuli; this understanding is how the science of Advertising works whose techniques are orientated towards influencing ones Subconscious mind via Symbols. One will duly find that one is surrounded by the Symbolic influence of a Patriarchal system, which has permeated all levels of society and that of popular culture, whereupon one can determine that ones Subconscious mind is being constantly bombarded by such Symbolic stimuli without one even realising it, which is on top of the fact that one has probably been indoctrinated since birth into its Religious perception of an all Male pantheon; whereupon one has become somewhat Brainwashed. In order to reverse this situation one merely reverses the Symbolism, whereby one wins back ones own Subconscious mind. One needn't become angry about becoming influenced in such a subliminal way; for one can see it as coming to an understanding of how very easy it is to manipulate the mass Mind of the populace to accept a Symbolic Mind Construct, which is applicable to some but not to all; whereby one can utilise it as ones initiation into Sorcery practice.


As mentioned before, the Spirit Wife Complex is quite prevalent throughout Siberia and Asia where one will find many a Siberian Shaman speaking of Spirit Wives via whom they can heal others, for the Shamans power is mainly derived from his Spirit Wives. The Siberian Shamans Drum is often that of an abode for the Spirit Wife of a Succubus Genie whom teaches the Shaman his art through vivid Lucid Dreams. It is reported that some Male Shamans practice Transvestism or become Homosexual of inclination due to their interaction with the Spirit Wife with whom they totally identify themselves with. However this is due to the Shaman assuming the 'Receptive' Feminine role while the Spirit Wife assumes the more 'Dominant' Masculine role; whereupon the Spirit Wife becomes more of a Male entity; such Shamans have a tendency to become Ecstatically Possessed by their more 'dominant' Spirits via whom they then Divine as well as that of Channelling Prophecies, whereby they are highly respected in their communities who are considered to be very powerful; at least they were not burnt at the stake or to had suffered persecution from Religious hypocrites due to their chosen Sexual orientations.

Most Shamans however are primarily Heterosexual, some of whom cut off from physical relationships with Women when engaging themselves with their Succubae Spirit Wives, although this is not always the case since many Shamans had physical Wives. The Shamans Spirit Wives are seen to empower Alternate 'Male' Magickal guises assumed by the Shaman when he enters into Trance, which allows him to access Supernatural abilities; hence the more Succubae Wives he has the more powerful he becomes whereby his Drum becomes as a Harem of abode for his many Succubae whom enhance his Stag/Reindeer Horned Masculinity.

The Heterosexual Shaman is not Possessed by his Spirit Wife; for his interaction with her is that he is the 'Dominant' partner while she is that of the 'Receptive' Feminine. When such a Shaman accesses Trance he Ecstatically enters his Spirit Wife who resides within the realm of the Dream; whence the Dreaming reality is perceived to be Feminine of quality. The experience of Trance is thereby equated with the Sexual act of 'Intercourse' whose penetration of ingress into the reality of the Dream is represented as the 'Womb,' whereby the initial Hypnagogic state of Trance is seen as the Hymen veil of the Vagina, while the Shamans consciousness becomes 'Phallic' as an erectile Amphibious Serpent. When the Shaman becomes Lucid within the Dream his spoken 'words' of a Spell are equated to the ejaculated 'Seed,' which fertilises the Womb of the Dream, whereby birthing his desire into flesh, such as that of an Evoked Succubus whom will thence materialise.

The skin of the Drum was often painted with Symbols, Signs and Seals of the Succubae that the Shaman had collected via his Dreams and visions, which also indicated a hierarchal structure based upon the 'World-Tree' motif interpenetrating a 'Cosmic-Mountain' (Mt Beluha, otherwise known as the 'Orion Dwelling of the Gods' belonging to the Altai Mountain range) looking like a Three Horned Pyramid; the Pyramid can be perceived as being akin to a Bee-hive ruled over by a principle Spirit Wife of a Queen Bee, which one could equate with the 'Holy Guardian Angel' (HGA) of Western Occultism.

The World-Tree of the Cabbala was originally of a Central-North Asian Shamanistic source, which one could utilise as a road-map in order to reorientate towards the Succubae Spirit Wives having dominion over the various Pathways interconnecting the Spheres of the Cabbala Tree; wherefore one can then transform the patriarchal Cabbala orientation of the Spirits listed in the Goetia for example to become Feminine of various Succubae Wives whom will then empower ones Alternate Male guises, which one assumes in order to tap into other abilities.


The techniques above can be utilised by those of other Sexual persuasions; one merely has to change things around if one prefers to dally with Angelic and Daemonic Incubi; however, the Patriarchal System, which permeates Western Occultism and that of its Magickal explorations can be utilised as it is, in its entirety, without too much to change; for said System with its affiliated Religious foundation is already set up and ready to go for such an Erotic focus upon the Masculine principle, which is its underlying unsaid Sexual orientation.






3 parts: Sandalwood
3 parts: Benzoin
1 part: Mugwort
1 part:  Dittany of Crete

Note: Dittany of Crete is often utilised for Ritual Magick and Necromantic (Necronomicon) purposes in giving form to the Evocation of Spirits such as Succubae for it produces a lot of thick Smoke via which the Astral manifestations of a Succubus can take on sensual substance within the swirling tendrils wafting around ones Magick Circle circling ones Bed. One could also utilise the Incense to fumigate ones Shaman Drum of Harem abode for ones Succubae.

(WARNING!: Always do a Skin Test first before using any Herbal products upon ones body just in case of an Allergic reaction!)


5 drops: Sandalwood
1 drop:  Ylang Ylang
1 drop:  Cinnamon
1/2 oz: Carrier Oil

While one is conducting ones Masturbatory ritual one can anoint ones body, especially that of ones genital area in order to attract a Succubus. Note: The scent, texture and colour of the Oil has a subliminal affect upon ones Subconscious whereby its application is done in a sacred manner. The same applies in regards to the subliminal influence of the scent issueing forth from the Incense, which creates a sense of atmosphere. The Oil can also be used to scent ones Shaman Drum of Succubae Harem.


After the ritual is accomplished one can utilise this Ointment in order to aid one in the Astral Projection of ones Consciousness into those Erotic orgiastic realms where the Succubae exist. The Succubae Astral Sabbat Oil of Penumbra is applied to ones forehead of third-eye area in particular where one draws a spiral with ones left index finger Anti-Clockwise.

 1/2 cup Shortening
3 tbsp. Mugwort (powdered)
3 drops Dragons Blood Oil

Melt the shortening over low heat. This will be your base. Add the Mugwort and the Dragons Blood Oil to the base. Visualize your Erotic intention while stirring. Steep for 9 minutes or until the Herb is 'fried'; strain into a sanctified ornate glass jar, which is placed in the light of the full Moon over night before use.

The Dragons Blood Oil will not only strengthen the Spell, it will also make the Ointment smell attractive. The Ointment is applied to ones genital region, navel and solar plexus to chest as well as the throat area, forehead and crown of ones head.


1/4 cup Lard
1/2 teaspoon Clove oil
1 teaspoon Chimney soot
1/4 teaspoon Cinquefoil
1/4 teaspoon Mugwort
1/4 teaspoon Thistle
1/4 teaspoon Vervain
1/2 teaspoon Tincture of Benzoin

This is a safer version of the original Witches Flying Ointment: In a small saucepan, heat the Lard over low flame until it is melted. Add the Clove Oil, Chimney Soot, Cinquefoil, Mugwort, Thistle and Vervain to the Lard base and mix together well. Add the Benzoin as a natural preservative, stir and then simmer for 10-15 minutes. Strain through a cheesecloth into a small fireproof container and store in refrigerator or a cool dark place. Anoint your body with the flying ointment prior to Astral projection, especially that of the third eye area of forehead.