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Kevin Marks

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The writing on the wall for Microsoft. (Mary Meeker)
Alan Cox
+Ben Schorr better question - 'how many plan to replace their existing wintel device with a wintel device in future'. Lots of people still own a sandwich toaster, but ask them whether they plan to get another 8)

The chart also ignores something else - Microsoft is not a one trick pony, it has a big advertising business, a games business, sharepain, and other stuff that doesn't have to be tied to Windows when Windows sinks.
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Buying old ipad/ipod adaptors while they still sell them
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Very busy here tonight compared to the usual #iiw dinner.
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Shane Nifong
Are you wearing your lone ranger mask?
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Excellent tea as well as pie
Alan Tabor
When someone new moves into the neighborhood, I always bring them a pie from here
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Kevin Marks

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It's Okay To Be Smart • Sad truth: Most mad scientists are just mad... »
Sad truth: Most mad scientists are just mad engineers.
Alan Cox
Faced with theory breaking new discoveries engineers have mad ideas to use it and scientists deny the discovery could be correct 8)
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These ads have been annoying me for a while, so I thought I'd explain why. (ps why no SVG upload, G+?)
salam hussain
i dont agree with yuo i think
their is iror
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Kevin Marks

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Inspired by +Tim Bray's post on male and female harmonies, I looked up this great duo I saw live in yorkshire in the early 90s
Dennis McCunney
They came to my attention through being members of Richard Thompson's touring band at one point.  Good stuff.
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Kevin Marks is a host and co-founder of He was VP of Web Services for BT form 2009-2010. He worked at Google on OpenSocial from 2007- 2009. From 2003 to 2007 he was Principal Engineer at Technorati. He has been inventing and innovating for over 20 years in emerging technologies where people, media and computers meet. Before joining Technorati, Kevin spent 5 years in the Quicktime Engineering team at Apple, building video capture and live streaming into OS X. He was a founder of The Multimedia Corporation in the UK, where he served as Production Manager and Executive Producer, shipping million-selling products and winning International awards. He has a Masters degree in Physics from Cambridge University and is a BBC-qualified Video Engineer. One of the driving forces behind he regularly speaks at Conferences and Symposia on emergent net technologies and their cultural impact.
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    VP Open Cloud Standards, 2011 - present
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    VP Web Services, 2011
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