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    Tubalr is Pronounced: tuba-ler

    Tubalr is an app that was crafted out of curiosity and passion, Sept 12th 2010. I released it into the wild and have been iterating ever since. I built Tubalr because I kept running across great high quality videos wishing I had a simple app to play those videos back to back, while working or doing other things.

    I mentioned that I've been tweaking Tubalr since its creation, and thats largely due to the amazing feedback and support given by its supporters and users. So with that said, if you have ANY feedback or just wanna chat... please shoot an e-mail to listen.to.tubalr@gmail.com. For coders, Tubalr can be found on github, feel free to send a PR or submit an issue!

    Oh, by the way, my name's Cody Jack Stewart, the founder and crafter of Tubalr. If ya need anything at all, checkout my personal site.