Unique occultations

This page is devoted to special, outstanding, exceptionally rare occultations of stars by minor planets which will occur in the near (or not so far) future. These are events never seen before - for example, occultations of first-magnitude stars on the dark sky in highly populated areas.

Occultations of 1st magnitude stars

    Date        UT       Asteroid    Dia  Durn  Star    Star            Visibility
Year Mon dd  hh:mm-mm    No. Name     km  secs   mag    Name              region
2005 Oct 19   4:23-25   166 Rhodope   35   1.1   1.4   alp Leo   Spain, Italy, Greece
2014 Mar 20   6:04-18   163 Erigone   72  14.1   1.4   alp Leo   Eastern USA and Canada
2023 Dec 12   1:09-27   319 Leona     68   6.4   0.5   alp Ori   Turkey,Gre,Sic,Tun,Alg,Mor,Cuba

Notes on individual events

Occultation of Regulus by (163) Erigone

Occultation of Betelgeuse by (319) Leona

Other special events

Occultations of bright stars
Occultations by Transneptunian objects
Occultations by double asteroids (to be added)
Occultations by Hidalgo - comet or minor planet?


Asteroid occultation updates by Steve Preston
World results of observations by Jan Manek
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