Beyond the Metronome:
Becoming an Inchronous Musician


Your key to discovering your internal clock.

Better Time, Better Groove, Better Rhythm

While following a metronome can be a constant check of your rhythmic accuracy, you might find yourself making adjustments in your tempo to become synchronized with it or, for that matter, other musicians. This 57 page book is full of lessons, exercises, and 346 inchronicity tracks (.mp3 disc) to help you develop and internalize your sense of steady time... your inchronation. Once mastered, you can bring rhythmic accuracy and a confident groove to the music you play.

"Beyond the Metronome is well thought out and goes right to the source of time issues."
-Ari Hoenig, recording artist, educator, author

"This book presents a unique & effective method that can help ALL musicians develop & refine their internal sense of time."
-Gordy Knudtson, studio drummer,
author, drummer Steve Miller Band


Topics covered in this book are:
  • Self Evaluating Your Time Keeping Abilities
  • The Tools of Inchronation
  • Creating Tempo
  • Tempo Memory
  • Count-ins
  • Time Feel
  • Tempo Manipulation
  • Inchronicity Challenges

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