The Freedom Box

The Freedom Box Project aims to promote wide dissemination and standardization of TV Media Centers connected to the web that are easy to use and economic for anyone; and by anyone verifiable and customizable

The ultimate goal is to bring to market easy-to-use and economically affordable devices that promote long-term maximization of important constitutional liberties in 2 stages:

1. Freedom of choice of audiovisual content on TV at home;

2. Freedom to communicate via Internet with levels of authentication, privacy and security that are adequate to constitutional rights.

Specifically, the Freedom Box project:

A. Organizes events and produces studies geared to demostrate the commercial and ethic importance of free/open software software to TV Media Center market, and the need for collaboration, coordination and consolidation among the various active projects:

B. Promotes large-scale distribution in the Italian market of one or more TV Media Center (or set-top box) using free/open source software, through one or more joint venture by important private and/or public entities. The Operating System and all programs installed on the box will be distributed under free licenses, preferably the GNU Affero GPLv3 or GPL v3. The working title of this Media Center is ZBOX.