IP-TV 2.0 Conference - October 15, 2008

15/10/2008 - 10:00
15/10/2008 - 18:00
Centro Congressi - La Sapienza University of Rome

The role of open standards and free software in bringing
the choice of Net TV To Italians' sofas

Specialists in the sector discuss the move convergence of PC and TV, through IPTV and media centers, and the role of open standards and free software to maximize users freedom, as well as the full realization of its potential demand for connectivity and net services.

The Telematics Freedom Foundation will distribute a new Report on the state-of-the-art in FLOSS (free/open source) Media Centers, and much more.

WHEN: October 15, 2008

WHERE: University of Rome La Sapienza - Via Salaria, 113 (get directions)

Chairperson Video-32x32.png Arturo Di Corinto
Prof. Communication Science - University of Rome La Sapienza
Introduction: Video-32x32.png Presentation-Software-32x32.png Presentation-Download-32x32.png Rufo Guerreschi
Telematics Freedom Foundation and Rome's Audiovisual Telematics District
  Video-32x32.png Rich-Text-Editor-32x32.png Video: FLOSS Media Center Remix
Advertising the User Interface for some Media Centers featured in TFF Comparison Chart
  Mario Morcellini - Sapienza, University of Rome
Dean of the Faculty of Communication Science
Video-32x32.png Presentation-Software-32x32.png Presentation-Download-32x32.png Robert Castrucci - ISIMM
"IPTV, User-Generated Contents and the Long Tail"
Video-32x32.png Presentation-Software-32x32.png Presentation-Download-32x32.png Rich-Text-Editor-32x32.png Shane Coughlan - Free Software Foundation Europe
"The implication of Free Software licenses for the future of IPTV"
Video-32x32.png Michele MezzaRAI Technology Strategies, Vice Director
"Open IPTV for dissemination and use of public audiovisual heritage"
Video-32x32.png Special Guest:
Giulia Rodano
– Counselor for Culture, Entertainment and Sport, Lazio Region
Video-32x32.png Q&A Session
Video-32x32.png Giacomo Mazzone – European Broadcasting Union
"Free access from your living room to national public audiovisual archives"
Video-32x32.png Luigi Capriotti - XBMC Live
"Hands-on demo on XBMC Atlantis and XBMC Live"
Video-32x32.png Video-32x32.png

Joe Born - CEO Neuros Technology
"Why Neuros OSD2? Open Electronics"

Video-32x32.png Q&A Sessiom
  -- Lunch (coffee, juice and snaks will be served during lunch time) --
Video-32x32.png Andrea Barsotti - Tiscali IPTV
"IPTV 2.0: Walled Garden or Open Garden?"
Video-32x32.png Presentation-Software-32x32.png Presentation-Download-32x32.png Alessandra Poggiani – Director LaitSpa, professor of Interactive Marketing Communications at La Sapienza "The opportunities of IP-TV for information and services to citizens"
Video-32x32.png Rossella Lehnus - Italian Ministry for Economic Development and Communications
"New measures to guarantee net neutrality"
Video-32x32.png Q&A Session
Video-32x32.png Sergio Bellucci - Associazione Demote
"TV Legislation and liberalizaton via Internet"
Video-32x32.png Fabrizio Caffarelli - TVBlob
"TVBlob Box: Open Internet TV Box"
Video-32x32.png Gianpiero Gamaleri - University Roma Tre
Professor in Sociology of Communication, TV and multimedia

Video-32x32.png Shane Coughlan - Free Software Foundation Europe
Video-32x32.png Video-32x32.png Rich-Text-Editor-32x32.png Dave Mathews - Boxee
"BOXEE Demo: The open source, connected, social Media Center"




ISIMM, Free Hardware Foundation, Frontiere Digitali, Free Software Foundation, EBU


Rome'sAudiovisual Telematics District, Lazio Region


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