Open Video in Europe

On Saturday, June 20th, representatives from the European Open Video movement shared their ideas and concepts at the Open Video Conference in New York.

Telematics Freedom Foundation' CEO Rufo Guerreschi presented the current free/open video projects within the upcoming Rome-based 150M euro 600.000 sq.ft. Audiovisual Telematics Park: a 2M euro EU-based Open Technologies Institute for Video Distribution and a 1.2M euro Universal Audiovisual Archive of sharable video for remixers, documentarians and all open video creatives.

Watch the recorded presentation below. 

TFF presents updated FLOSS Media Center Study at OVC

Since the first publication in September 2008 and the last 2 revisions, our study on FLOSS Media Centers State of the Art was downloaded over 35,000 times.

It is now time for a third revision, and we found no better place to present it than the Open Video Conference in New York City from 19-20 June.


With 60 different features under comparison in the 10 most prominent media centers in the free/open source community, we consider all the aspects that matter to you - the end user - to pick your preferred system. Whether it runs on a HTPC or in a set-top box, you have all the parameters to ensure the right choice spending little or nothing. Oh, did I mention this work is released under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license?

So stay tuned, we see you at the OVC.

Open Video Conference

Telematics Freedom Foundation will be present at the Open Video Conference, in New York City, June 19-20, promoted by the Open Video Alliance. Don't know what the Open Video Alliance is? Take a look at the Promo Video:

IP-TV2.0: Missed? Download the Conference!

All Videos and Presentations of speakers in the IPTV2.0 conference, held last wednesday in the "La Sapienza" Rome's University are now available for view and download:

You can also download the full PDF file for revision 1.2 of our FLOSS Media Center State of the Art paper (in italian, english or portuguese).

The UI Remix Video presented is available at: http://vimeo.com/1982143

And, finally, you can subscribe to our RSS feeds to be notified when the next revisions in the Media Center study are published:

Media Center Report: revision 1.2

It's time for a new revision on our report on Media Centers in the FLOSS community. Among the changes, surely the Apple TV version of Boxee and XBMC is the big one!

With our upcoming event next week about IP-TV's and Media Centers we thought it would be a good occasion to publish the 1.2 revision online and distribute printed copies to event attendees.

We'll have live demos for Boxee and XBMC using the Apple TV, and also: Elisa, MediaPortal and Neuros OSD. Don't miss!

See you soon...