The CITIZENS, Inc. financial group is composed of living-benefit life insurance companies, dedicated to improving the quality of life for individuals around the world.

Its objective is to encourage people to accumulate money and earn interest in order to assure themselves peace of mind knowing their financial future is secure.

The building of wealth through systematic accumulation of money can be accomplished through a living-benefit, interest-earning, tax-deferred, life insurance policy that develops large cash values in addition to providing financial benefits for loved ones in the unlikely event of your death.

Bear in mind, the mathematical odds are much greater you will live a long time and need a continuing source of income, than that you will die early along the road of life.


CICA LIFE Insurance Company of America, the main life company of The Citizens, Inc. Financial Group, provides the opportunity to create individual wealth through its Fortune Builder products. These products consist of special living-benefit life insurance policies which build large cash values that earn tax-deferred interest. CICA LIFE's products are designed to provide financial, medical and educational funds, or create a lifetime retirement income.

The purpose of life insurance is to prepare one financially for two of life's possibilities: one is living, and the other is dying. When you are protecting yourself against the risks of living a long time by accumulating money in a CICA LIFE, Fortune-Builder account, CICA LIFE will be automatically protecting your family against the risk of death, without additional expense on your part.

The actuarial numbers related to living or dying make known to us, the odds of living a long, long time are substantially greater than those of dying soon; and further, that the vast majority of us will actually live to an old, old age. Therefore, your greatest financial need is building a personal cash estate or lifetime income to cover future living expenses.

The sad part of life's story is, that Social Security information informs us that in the years after age 65, only five percent of the people in the U.S.A. still have an adequate income to live comfortably for the balance of their lives. You can imagine what that percentage would be worldwide.

CICA LIFE's Fortune-Builder products place the emphasis on personally protecting you, with the major concern being living a long time, accumulating and building wealth to provide you with a guaranteed lifetime income after age 65.

It is interesting to know: the American Council of Life Insurance Fact Book states that the U.S.A. life insurance industry holds approximately FOUR TRILLION DOLLARS for the purpose of protecting policyowners; further, that in year 2004 the life industry paid out of $392 billion in cash to living policyowners and beneficiaries. Further, that $318 billion of that amount was to LIVING POLICYOWNERS, while only $51 billion was paid to beneficiaries of policyowners who died. This means, 90% of the total amount paid by the industry was TO LIVING POLICYOWNERS for living needs.

CICA LIFE recognizes that your most important life insurance need is living protection, not death benefits; and, therefore, specializes in providing wealth accumulation products with compound interest earnings.


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